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Tragedy - Self Titled - (All Lyrics)

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Self Titled
Label: Skuld Releases
Release Year: 2000
Added By: Skullcrusher

1. The Point of No Return

Conditioned inside and out to the point of no return to what we may have been without all this shit we were born into: Poverty, depression, power and despair Conditioned inside and out to the point of no return by a world not crafted by hands of our own yet still we march in step to the cadence of its irregular beat The damage has been done- irreparable and all-encompassing Nature is as archaic word that could never explain this mess Worlds become obsolete like ideas and they won’t have to burn the books when no one reads them anyway.

2. Not Fucking Fodder

Only a fool truly believes education to be bought and sold yet still we worry about make believe ivy leagues and secret societies of hallways and arches where everyone wins… Down here we are assumed insignificant Down here we are assumed defeated.

3. Never Knowing Peace

Is it violence of our culture of death that keeps us from resolve? Never knowing solace, never knowing peace… Or is that culture only a projection of the violence in our minds? Forever seeking fullness but never knowing solace Never knowing peace.

4. Confessions of a Suicide Advocate

Born to the sound of gunshot fire, shells scatter the floor and in the distance there’s the chiming of bells from empty churches where no one worships anymore and the feeling in the air is a feeling of war… You can die in their hands but not of your own They declared it while we slept on nightmares of death deprivation Unable to put an end to this painful ringing in the ears that hear nothing We can’t hear nothing but propaganda and commercials, sermons and machine gun fire Loaded and cocked, the guns in our hands serving only one function Only one function… and suicide is not an option: it’s illegal and punishable by death Suicide’s not an option.

5. The Intolerable Weight

Pressure to succeed, pressure Pressures to succeed, depression Pressures to assimilate, pressure to conform Pressures that begin at nine and never end at five Like a vice with a grip so tight we can scarcely breathe With a weight so dense we can scarcely breathe.

6. You Are An Experiment

Scientists and profiteers sweat out another year of almost and maybes keeping secrets under lock and key Filed neatly away from thos who need, from those who bleed You are a fucking experiment as they claim no cure for their designer disease… and while military design takes on a mind of its own, They sleep with one eye open – still afraid of being next.

7. Products of a Cold War Depression

No motivation, defeat No time left for passion , dictation Pictures in magazines, dissection Pictures in magazines, defeat Lives remain incomplete Defeat.

8. With Empty Hands Extended

We comprise the backbone of this leprous body, of this life(less) from Ambiguous and vaporous, it moves through us all Saturating all with its foul odor of stale blood and sweat from our tired hands that took out your garbage and swept your floors, filled your orders and delivered them to your fucking doors We carry the weight We suffer the load.

9. Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse

I am the face of the despondent neighbor I am the face of the disparate masses I bear the weight of my dormant anger I am the bomb that must explode I am the grasp of a malignant system I am the craft of profit addiction I am all attached within us I am the mask of what we have done This banal existence has wound its way into tragic despair This agony of living imprisonment has found a way in tragic despair I am the bomb that must explode.

10. Chemical Imbalance

Mouths hang agape and drool, mumbling incoherent anthems of acceptance and fidelity trained by clever men Hell, hell is here In hidden laboratory backrooms splicing atoms, reducing humanity to a study on a slide with microscopes staring deeper into eyes glazed over by fear and desensitization from injected violence and reruns of cops With rods they prod at our culture: scanning for dna and an elusive gene that they can steal bottle and sell for profit as the next new thing… Radiation settles, water turns black with ash and discharge Chemical imbalance Laden with synthetics, genetically engineered life end sustenance Ingredients unknown Chemical imbalance Hell, hell is here.