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Spellblast - Horns Of Silence - (All Lyrics)

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Horns Of Silence
Release Year: 2007
Added By: Josh Highland

1. In The Name Of Odin

Back in a past time Of heroes and brave dwells Giants and evil ones Were ruling the land A dwarf grabs his great war hammer With fearless heart is standing He's fighting in the name of Odin An archer follows him from distance He's watching the proud soldier They believe to break The awful law I hope that anyway... Could happen When spells and weapons Will crush Hear the sound of the war Smash and fill the air... Hail! When they'll be called to the fight Only the strong will survive We're ready to the battle We've got the same dream When we're under a mighty flag Believe in the dream of your life After the sunset Completely defeated To death condemned By the grey iron sword It sharpens evil bodies The cold bloods quench my thirst It's finally ended Our land is now free! Hear the sound of the war...

2. Lost In The Forest

Take my hand my old friend Today we'll face The wrath of the darkness We must go, we have to leave now Before the sun appears in the sky We must pass through the old forest Obscure woods, treacherous mists The only way to deceive The wicked enemy we all fear Don't look back To the Iron Gate Don't look forth To predict our fate Don't be afraid of the old tales Keep an eye on the evil trees From this terrible place We've no chance to escape Is this your last word? Oh no we're done we're Lost, lost in the forest We're feeling so strange Lost, lost in the forest We're lost in the dark And there's no way out... Beyond the clearing there's no tomorrow Along the path Lies grief and sorrow Guided by a low whispering The meandering banks Of the river we follow As we approach to the old willow We feel surrounded By a sense of torpor Devoid of strength We resigned ourselves We closed our eyes: Dreams of sleeps and Water... The Old-Man-Tree comes upon thee Nodulous arms are crawling on me His dreadful jaws open wide... Oh no, we're trapped inside! Do you see the light? Sun's shining bright We are free from the willow The old man with his song Have released thee from the hollow From the grey Old-Man-Tree We've escaped, we're free We are free The nightmare is done The suffer is gone Now we can go Oh yeah we're safe, we're Free, free from the forest We're feeling so bright Free, free from the forest We're feeling so bright Free, free from the forest We're free from the dark Now we can, we can, we can go forth

3. Losing Reality

Look at your wasted realm You said: "Is my mind so clear?" A "paradise" made by your own lies Feel your worn out soul Your brain's a great black hole A "paradise" made by your own lies So dry away your tears, Cross "the bridge" Run for a better highfly to reach There is no hell to destroy But there must be a reason (for it) to rebirth Let me scream You'll break your life Losing reality Trust in my guide You are the fire The one can burn desires Run away From this world of liars Let the wilderness shine No one can, knockin' at your door Pretends a tie Don't be so silent Of many cryin' days There's the scent Silence's the seed Of this blackened Sad dance of sorrow So dry away your tears, Cross "the bridge" Run for a better highfly to reach There is no hell to destroy But there must be a reason (for it) to rebirth Let me scream You'll break your life... Now I found the heavy Roots of my wickness I see, the course of my damnation Give me an axe To take me off this ruin Give me a chance I scream A new life's born in me! Don't leave footsteps On the sand You've got a strong Reputation to defend You'll break your life...

4. Glory To The Gem

I was walking alone, deep in the forest looking the only thing, that showed me, the way. I was tired, and while I was falling, an enchanted voice, called me from the sky. Carry on this rock and take it to a cave, of your land take care of it, the power inside is boundless like your will, on it the salvation of your Kingdom, depends... depends... <i>[Solo: Luke]</i> The Skyland's lord felt that they were near in the valley was growing the fear, the Gem hidden the day before people were waiting to adore. Mystery in her light so shining that gave us force to fight, but the army of death, was going to break the rite of mystical Queen of the night We don't really want to lose our freedom denied Oh, people we want to follow the breeze of the night <i>[CHORUS:]</i> Dragons fly, it's time to fight, there's an order in our bridle mind, in a cold higher flight glory's rocking our courage to ride Dragons fly, it's time to fight, there's a Gem that it's beating in our hearts, the great land's waiting for an amazing dream, swords are burning... at the battlefield They were days of great tears of blood, burned on this great Holy Land army almost arrived, to conquer our soul not our might We don't really want to lose our freedom denied Oh, people we want to follow the breeze of the night <i>[CHORUS]</i> <i>[Solo: Luke]</i> We don't really want to lose our freedom denied Oh, people we want to follow the breeze of the night <i>[CHORUS]</i> The last sword, into our last hope Our destiny is in a word: "victory" We'll call it, when a black cloud will Take away these hangmen of nullity...

5. Goblins' Song

Hey lai la hey, lai la hey, lai la eh... Well-hidden in this woods, There's a place I've been Behind those oaks A powerful secret lies Magical is the atmosphere Enveloping every thing The path leads to a clearing, Forgotten by the time Now we are in the place I've dreamt many times All is exactly As it was supposed to be Strange creatures are taking part In a primordial rite Nothing can stop us, The Children of the Night Take a chance To join this dance All that "is" will be revealed Release your mind And goblins, goblins all around! Can't you see? Everything is more clear To me and to you But don't forget (We've) goblins, goblins all around And we dance In this endless carousel Can't you feel the mystic Power rising from the ground? No more bad thoughts We can leave the world behind Just keep in mind (We've) goblins, goblins all around Goblins all around! Our most amazing dreams Are living through this place We dance into the fire, Leaving our world behind... We've touched the power, A vision of forbidden These funny creatures Are (our) blood brothers, Leaving the foolish Far from us... far from us!! Take a chance...

6. Legend Of The Ice Wolf

A land of paradise, covered by snow I'm still waiting for silence To break, the sun will fall down Just remember the Holy Scriptures The Ice Wolf is coming Hungry and mighty beast Unleashing the power Of this untamed wilds Noble and fierce It will bring an end To this world Of endless sufferance By weeks under siege, The enemy is fighting with magic They'll choose the time In which we'll be blind Surrounded by cannons And siege machines Our garrison is prepared For the final fight Awaiting a sign... Praying for him... The Ice Wolf is coming (Our souls' freedom has come) Last moments of your life The ice wolf is coming (Our souls' freedom has come) All was said and done Fired out by the woods, A lightning through plains A white wolf is running Possessed by the devil The skyline turns to black, Bringing the death As it flies towards the moon... The Ice Wolf is coming...

7. Sign Of The Unicorns

I'll tell about my tale And after I'll fade away Wherever I'll stay For the journey of light I'll pray A long time ago there's An unicorn, oh, so wild With the spirit so blinded Ready to let the Sign From the twilight another arrived Breathin' glory and hope The third was a lightning With venom in his mouth We felt the spell it wasn't full We needed to load These minds fateful The wrath was becoming Reality for us Now time's getting short We'll eat the mass The fourth spread his wings When the magical wake reached him The whirlwind of destruction Was followed by the fifth After a long ride In the skies of no return An ideal: the seal Of the union in that time born Pucks of (the) darkness, Open the great doors! We're coming to break The ice of hate In the bell of the temple You can hear our force We've got the golden key of fate Temple Sky Be our path These whispers are really false A rainbow rises Hear its sons Look at the Sign of the Unicorns Another fight another scream Another dream is in the air And other warriors rise And trample upon hills The land of spirits' bare Let the fear away Follow the Sign into the marshes Deep in you! Silence, until you'll see Hope, that it will be real Temple Sky...

8. Resurrection

The strongest times Are a passage of fight When you believe You're a great rebel knight The only ward Is the right to conquest Don't be the guest, Of your worst fear mask It's what they wait for: To snake in your dreams Get the frustration In the old dark abyss It's not the moment to cry, You must praise Yourself for (the) first time, Facing a real sight So you're feeling Loaded by the power of a beast An electric flat, You're the hammer of the wind Across the endless lake of eternity Resurrection comes From the further sands of my shined life Across the endless lake of eternity Resurrection comes Oracle please light my eyes in proud The dark is creeping more and more No false pray, temptation: The sadist pleasure You've ever been My blindness, Was made by the love for you My princess, Too much love can damage too... No strange thought, You can't get fool us, You'll be fucked And see, how I... I could be dangerous for you... Across the...

9. Knights Of Darkness

Visions of doom Are pervading in my eyes A sense of danger, An obsession in my mind No, I'm not dreaming, It's so close and real This sensation of evil So deepest and near Wait! Now I feel them, But there's something wrong Oh there's still something I cannot comprehend I'm a powerful wizard And you know it well But against this evilness I cannot do much They're searching for me They're hunting for thee They're here Ooh - so near Look behind... It seems we're followed By some Black Knights The smell of death Is approaching fatefully There's no chance to escape 'Cause the black riders Are on the way This is the end of our lives High in the sky Winged horses they ride To bring the destruction On our beloved lands In the fire we stand With swords in our hands Forget all your fears: Righteousness is on our side! It seems we're followed... Lord of the Nine In the darkness I saw your face Icon of terror and blood Your deadly knife waits in silence Silence was broken by fear But fear is a feeling of the weak A hissin' came from the beyond You were staring at me... And then... you'd screamed! Shining crown, Unbearable light within the dark Incredible source Of spectral madness The starlight's obscured By eternal blindness A terrible shadow's Crossing my heart Unbearable light within the dark Incredible source Of spectral madness The starlight's obscured By eternal blindness A horrible vision inside my heart Inside my heart