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Soulfallen - Grave New World - (All Lyrics)

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Grave New World
Release Year: 2009
Added By: Josh Highland

1. A Hearse With No Name

"Some believe that life is merely a sad dream from which death us awakes If so, the herald of dawn already walks among us..." Within these visions I drown once more Each day more violent than before (I hear) wolves howling behind every door And footsteps on an empty floor Embraced by the Sun's stygian light My dreams they come with open eyes Loss of the blissful days of yore The loss of all that we adore Resounding to death's violent score I saw it all, but there was more... For a new kind of shadow walks among us Unbound by laws of light and shade Bearing its mark on both beasts and man A herald to our world's descent To no masters it bows down or hails For with Death itself this rider trails I saw as it came, a hearse with no name New suns were born as the old ones gave away I saw as it came, bearing the mark of Cain and watched the world succumb to ancient flames... Only two remain as the music fades But no curtains fall upon this dying stage Only two remain, grotesque lifeless facades Made of only ash - before the winds blew them away... The vision fades and the sweet arms of reality surround me once again But I see a cold future that lurks behind these walls, awaiting to descend...

2. Devour

The morning breaks with a gravelike silence This time the scavengers have come from far Take a good a look at the dead around you And breathe deep the stench of your God Join the insurrection for the hunt is afoot The total extermination of the source - branch and root Can you feel it in the wind The release from your mortifying sins For the vultures in their towers Will be decrowned of their power The axe is set and awaiting 'neath this tree Cut down the fetters by your own decree And lay these stillborn institutions to waste For Hell is merely an acquired taste Can you taste it in the rain The dripping source behind your fear and ache For with the passing of this hour Even gods will be devoured As surely as this night the darkness will slay the Sun The transformation from malicious to delicious has begun Forget the outworn and misguiding concepts of sin Unleash thy hunger and feast on your Dieu Cuisine! Devour your God

3. To The Wolves At My Door

This night I hear the jackals baying to a desert god In the dark the growing whispers have begun tearing scars The foul breath of Anubis breathes fire down my back And the wolves have drawn nearer, begun coiling - for the coming attack I yearned to see but my eyes were already crystallized I yearned to survive but my fears had already materialized Like serpents this dark entangles, ties me to the soil And (even) the strangers in my reflection have begun to recoil I yearned to cry but the waters were already crystallized I yearned to live but my death had already materialized Now the light no longer blinds me Your dying gods they cannot bind me And as I exit this human aisle I greet my hangmen with a smile And to the wolves at my door Prolong this suffering no more With your fangs come and this strife And erase my name from the Book of Life

4. This World Is Bleeding Flies

This world is bleeding flies! Who heard the nightwind's whispers Maladies to come that it once sang Who saw the storms approaching And the shadows hiding in the Sun (rivers of life - now streaming red swarming flies - reeking of death) The breeze bears a familiar aroma The blood runs thick before my weary eyes And in this maelstrom of denial The dying screams of men have become our lullabies (lidless eyes - dreamless sleep open wounds - far too deep) This is our world, this is our Hell This is the soil upon we fell Behold the truth as it unfolds... Way passed the point of its demise This world is only bleeding flies No one will come to claim your soul... Who heard the nightwind's whispers The bleak requiems that it once sang Who saw our shadows submerging Before this age of dark had even begun ...did no one? "No one heard the serpent singing No one felt its teeth sank deeper No one saw our reflections transforming into the pale traits of the reaper" No solace for our lamentations No warmth from lacerated suns Music for abominations Only resounds in our world undone A grave new world, a grave new life With ravaged dreams of paradise No more sights left to behold... Surpassed the point of its demise This world is only bleeding flies No one will come to claim your soul...

5. Grave New World

A dying wind upon the lifeless A bleeding soil beneath the slain Welcome to a world beyond tomorrow Witness the stillness that haunts the day Open your eyes to a sight that is foul Renounce the false hope that only festers the soul: A world enslaved to a grand design with the dead leading the blind! Tear open your dreams, your loss will be nill Cast no blame upon the coroner for the kill So leave me be, shine away your Sun For your world was dead before I begun... (bury your dreams - bury the world) So bury your dreams, along with the world Leave no trace nor mark upon the earth And let go of this one, For this world was dead long before I begun... Open your eyes to a sight that is foul... And lo. A Grave New World!

6. Towers Of Silence

Why does this morning feel different from all the others The Hand that once gave life has begun to smother From my within my lungs the air has been released And I cannot feel the chill in the morning breeze Yet I am at ease... For me there is no warmth left even in the Sun Safe from the earth this crest will be undone Naked and alone, upon an altar made of stone I fear has become final throne Upon the third circle on the first day Where nothing moves but the daevas in the wind The wind bears a silent calling to mountains far away Summoning the birds of prey "On the second day the vultures came The beasts of birds, the sentinels of decay Deeper each day they tore into my flesh Feasting upon my loins and the insides through my chest For days it lasted until they ran out of meat leaving behind only bones for the Sun to bleach" Upon this silent altar, upon my dreamless bed Leaving the world bereft and the vultures fed Slowly all will be gone that has ever signed to me As the remains quietly wash into the sea...

7. Embrace The Scythe

Blank page after another This tale has long bee through No ink left in the bottle The quills all cut in two No words left unspoken No deeds left untold Only white space unending Filling our dreams of old They say all hope is lost And this should make as sad But how can one lose What one has never had And in the face of Death My tears have long ran dry For I have come to submit What the world still denies Blank soul after another The pulse has long since died No life left in these vessels Cold stares in empty eyes And from our breed of tyrants We will be the last For the coming final season Has already passed They say all hope is lost And this should make us sad But one cannot lose What one has never had And in the face of Death My tears have long ran dry For I have come to embrace What the world continues to deny There will be no epilogue No final words upon our stone For in the fabric of our Time This future has already been sewn! I know the world id dead In veils of funeral clad For it has long since lost Whatever pulse it had And in the arms of Life These veins have long ran dry Best to embrace the scythe As we lay down and die

8. Serenity's Throne

At the sundown of a civilization The night air moves with a dismal tone In the weakening grip of our infestation Serenity will reclaim its throne Today the Sun was not born Held down by heavy clouds of rain No light for our last days Desires long washed away... I never saw the mountains moving For me the world was always still I was held down by the weight of the waters With heavy stones my heart was always sealed Tonight the Moon howled with scorn To a pack of wolves dressed as men In a flash the stars were reformed But as soon as I looked again (I saw...) What I saw was the end Yet all still looked the same No stigmas cast upon men No pits of brimstone or flame "Beholding the moors by twilight Serenity that never came I realized it was not carved for my name But neither were the pits of brimstone and flame" I never saw the mountains moving For me the world was always still I never held the keys within me The prophecies remained unfulfilled I never saw the Earth in its grandeur I only saw it on its knees I never saw a wholesome picture I only saw it torn piece by piece...

9. We Are The Sand

"We were the rider and we were the hearse We were the salvation and we were the curse" We were the shadows - hidding from the breaking day And we were the flames - that once burned entire worlds away Upon our broken dreams we lay our heads And fall into a slumber deep, with dreams as hard as lead Tired of the tyrants, drained of tears to weep We hope the Sun will never wake us As mankind slowly falls asleep We were the wind - caressing the Towers of Silence And we were the storm - that once raged upon the welkin We were the rain - falling heavy upon the hearts of men And we were the clouds - that usurped the warmth of the Sun, again and again Upon our broken dreams we lay our heads And fall into a slumber deep, we dream among the dead Tired of this broken soil, the dark beneath our feet We pray the Sun will never wake us As life itself falls asleep We Are The Sand in the hourglass rushing towards our destined end We Are The Sand of the ever-growing desert towards our world descends We are the sand We are the storm We are the wind of a world outworn We are the sand We are the storm We are the wind never to be reborn