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Point Of View - Hard From The Heart - (All Lyrics)

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Hard From The Heart
Label: Swell Creek - Superhero Records
Release Year: 2008
Added By: Keanu

1. You Can't

Watch me walk on clouds See my smile Don’t know why, don’t know how Sun is on my face Cold wind is in my back It didn’t last longer that half an hour People walking next to me Breathing the same air like I do Complaining and driving me nuts Don’t you ever feel happy? Don’t you ever see the beautiful things in life? Why can’t you let things go? Stick your nose up and move forward It’s not my fault you have a bad mood So don’t come bitching against me ‘Cause you can’t fuck me up You can’t change me You can’t change me

2. Blown In The Wind

I’m so positive but today I carry a lot of anger You feel it to I know, I know Fucked up situation in a fucked up place Just can’t find The meaning of you senseless violence I just can’t All these words I’ve spoken Are blown in the wind This is not my reality But I won’t hang my head I’ll stand up and bring this shit back Where it belongs No tuff guy bullshit These words mean the world to us You come to beat people up You better stay the fuck away Turn around and walk you walk Walk you walk You feel it too You feel the anger You feel it too Feel the anger turn into positive energy Ow yeah, here we go!

3. In My Own Hands

My future in my own hands I’ve got to find a way out A great road ahead Two choices I have to make One chain I have to break In cases like this I have to think Think for myself What is the best for me? What is the best for me? It’s not in my nature It’s just not me It’s not in my nature It just not me It’s my future in my own hands Placed myself on the second Place for to many times This time I’m crossing my own lines My own lines If it doesn’t work out At least I tried I tried and did the best I could

4. Not Cool To Be

Ever read a lyric from a hardcore band Will I did, some of them are so perfect Every single word is so familiar I can truly find myself in this But I never read a lyric about How cool closed mindedness is I never did So explain to me how did you get into this Your mind is so fucking closed I think you’re witnessing I think you’re witnessing The strength of negativity Your mind was open for a while But now it got into you It’s locked in there, you lost your key But open up and try to see It’s locked in there, you lost your key But hey no stress man Take a look around And all your answers will be found Ask yourself is this how you want it And break free from the way they want it And all your answers will be found

5. Hard From The Heart

What we feel, what we breath, what we live for I can’t explain this, I can’t explain this But I’ll try Our escape from blue jeans, Our outlet, our reality Every time we come together to shake shit of Every time we come together to shake shit of It’s deeper that this, it’s more than words This is hard from the heart We let our hearts speak, our train is moving and we keep it rolling Together with all of you You guys keep us going With you we stand so strong! We stand strong We stand so strong

6. Different

We’re different than before You’ll hear it to Thing have changed We like this! We like what we do!

7. Here To Stay

Have you ever been alone? Alone with yourself Have you ever faced the fears you have? Fear, everybody has to deal with I’m scared to, will we live I’m scared to, will we live a long life Or will we die too soon It is not that I’m afraid to die Sometimes it feels like I’m afraid to live All these things they shove into our minds Things we have to know or things we have to do One day my brain is gonna break All these decisions we have to make We have to make… You can walk around I rather run I rather run around and do my own thing We’re building up our lives The best as we can Leaving the past behind And work for a better tomorrow These things we have built up are here to stay To stay

8. Close My Eyes

1 2 3 let’s go So I’m saying goodbye, goodbye to you You’ve seen all my dreams come passing through But it seems they were not good enough for you My windows of the future Were stained for a while Back then I wished I could turn back the odds of time, but now I know Never wanna go back to these days My feelings for you were always true, not worth all this pain This pain remains the same, And it hurts and it hurts and it hurts The day had to come That day I finally close my eyes Finally… close my eyes Telling you I didn’t want to move on More than enough self destruction for a while What could I say, what could I do ‘Cause I know, I know I never meant to hurt you You never meant to hurt me

9. Bacon And Beans

You just stand there and do nothing Being the poser who is not here for the fun No emotions, it looks like you’re staring in the sun All talk No fucking walk All talk but no fucking walk Grab a beer, drink a water We don’t fucking care As long as you let yourself go This is still a hardcore show If you rather say no, just go Make room for the people That know what to do If you rather say no, just go We’re not standing here for Bacon and beans Bacon and beans

10. We Wonder When

We’re through with this Sick of seeing the same bands on every show So many new bands getting nowhere No chance to bring their own thing Nobody cares about the records they bring Sad but true, true Kids don’t have a clue, there are other things you can do There is more then tuff guy shit and acting cool We wonder when, we wonder when Hardcore will be open again for everybody Talking and preaching about unity Separation, desperation The only things we see The only things we see The only things we see Separation, desperation The only things we see