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Penumbra - The Last Bewitchment - (All Lyrics)

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The Last Bewitchment
Release Year: 2002
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Neutral

I was trying to sweep away all my desires, I threw out emotions, my emotions Just to live in neutrality cause I know you only came to leave me, you leave me You've already turned back and left me in this way, you don't want to believe, to believe me I've already turned back and left you in this way, I don't want to believe, to believe you So you are far away, each step that you make takes me away, you don't want to trust me, you can't trust me So I am far away, each step that I make takes you far away, I don't want to trust you, I can't trust you Love is a ruler... Bells never ring for us, that's what we feel, living apart is the better way Can I feel something ? Something... Why our souls are so dry and our hearts beat so slowly ?

2. Priestess Of My Dreams

Oh, priestess of my dreams, when under the April moon you appeared Stealing my soul and my thoughts, I could have loved to taste your lips Oh, priestess of my dreams Ho, this dark mysterious voice is coming out of the night to me My soul's trembling from flurry and desire attempting to find happiness I felt this mighty love which from the earth up to the sky Was breaking the chains of the unhappys, through time and space The light on your sweet face, lightened your heavenly eyes That through fine tears attest the purity of my message The light wind in your hair makes it dances in this divine melody Which is singing in my ear to embrace you, to deliver you To embrace you, to deliver you, the wind is dancing in my brain It's singing in my ear, to embrace you, to deliver you

3. The Last Bewitchment

Body lies on the floor Very sick complexion Movements drive your lips No more words and no more breath I can feel my tears Running on my cheeks I can feel my reason Leaving my body I can feel spirits Turning above me My will is not very powerful And my consciousness is fading out To a world of dreams and grief To the world of no return With my ultimate forces To life I cross the door I wake up in your arms But I can't move Pallid eyes, stare away Soul jammed, between two worlds A lot of bewitch cries In an infernal circle This light I can touch It's the way of return This ligth is going out To the world of no return I stand as a wolf Trying to break the spell Your soul's in time Lastly your gaze at me You in your dreams you are lost And all these silent questions I will not answer Cause they suggest your fall

4. Moaning On Earth

His tears are running in the fire , whose flames are burning his eyes He's running on some dusty waves believing He can't reach the sea, lost in silent Height invaded With a steaming mist and by the wind, swept away Sad ephemeral creature, moaning on earth His sight gets lost on those immensities Do you hear the echo of my terrified voice ? Do you hear the echo lost and despaired ? Do you hear the sea screaming its distress ? Do you hear the sea facing my sadness ? His consciousness suddenly realizing After the peak, the end of humankind, for ever Never more tremble faced with devils disguised in traitor angels Moving me away of my body sliding on the floor With my wings ripped by these mortal feeling, ho I hear some bells ring In the distance, is it the time of my destiny? Phantasmagoric monsters in a crazy dance fascinate me Enchanting me, I've buried my dreams in this oblivion field

5. Insurection

He implores all of you, he kneels before you, Let this being outside of your rage and your hits He proclaims himself: < Holy Knight > When he opened his trembling arms, freeing himself of the oppression Which gripped him, he saw the rising spirits around him I implore all of you, I kneel before you, before you Cause it's against you, brothers, I will fight I'll fight for having desecrated the flesh, the flesh Of the being for whom I live For whom I'm ready to die Under an unexplained spell, he moved forward To the illuminated candled altar, he fused with the hot magic wax And when, slowly, he consumed himself, human life leaving him A being for whom I live A being for whom I'm ready to die

6. Testament

Anger, despair and tears guide My hands upon this parchment My torments will stop now Because my destiny, I master No one lays down his arms The next day always comes I only can live without it Or die in betrayal My will is weakened and I am a wretched fighter My consciousness slowly Fades away to a world of no return But our love is eternal It shines of a blinding light It will continue to reign Within me after my death I don't want their pity Nor your tears The way out of suffering Is the only flame which drives me I leave no heir I destroy all that I was I take away in silence All these armies in abyss Make the truce now begin Of this war I banish I feel the cold reaching you This way an episode ends The one of your life For my spirit to join you. In this waves of loud noises And you will wait, Oh my love

7. The Young Martyr

I remember Your heavenly face underwater Admiring its whiteness Under the moon rays And the life going out Of your magnificent wounds Wraps up of red your naked flesh On your pearly nails, the subdued light Gleam under water in a deep silence And your veins, in a complexe network Draw on your skin tree roots You who sleep for ever In your cold shroud Shall the disgrace fall on Your holy misfortune Which sentences for its crime Your suicided spirit And puts on its face An accusing appearance You, who sleep for ever In your cold shroud Shall the disgrace fall on Your holy misfortune Your dark hair, as an oil slick Stays on the surface, refusing to sink It tries to make believe of a last hope It dances on the waves, unlifed, unlifed

8. A Torrent Of Fears

As a sad face Sailing and slides In a bright ocean Pursing a kind life Under a flapping rain Of steam of mist And in this bar He fails and drinks And in this burning Alcohol he sinks down Forgetting his misfortune, His anxiety and his fear Il entre dans l'allée royale, Défie ses sujets, prend la timbale d'or Le sceptre et la couronne, Il se sert, se bat et ordonne Flames are falling in his brain Of enlightened madman. Et maintenant il entre dans la danse des siècles, Et d'un pouvoir immense, il règne sur tous ces esprits Tremblants au regard si vide, pauvre peuple oublié Dans sa folie de l'ordre qui le mène à la mort, Telle une horde avançant, gémissante, Se heurtant et à coups de poings, s'entre-tuant. From a leftover smoke from a candle put out A torrent of fears shakes him despite his laugh that rings As an old bell out of tune and empty in the whistling wind, A light tune on the reef and he sniggers like this reptile Which is strutting in this marsh where wise men get bogged ...Down

9. Pie Jesu

Pie Jesu domine Dona eis requiem Dies irae dies illa Solvet saeclum in favilla Teste David cum Sybilla Tuba mirum spargen sonum Per sepulcra regionum Coget omnes ante thronum Liber scriptus proferetur In quo totum continetur Unde mundus Judicetur Rex Tremendae majestetis Flammis accribu addictis Voca me cum benedictis Oro supplex et acclinis Cor contritum quasi cinis Gere curan mei finis Lacrimosa dies illa Qua resurget ex favilla Judicandos homo reus Huic ergo perce deus Pie jesu dona eis requiem