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Infest - Slave - (All Lyrics)

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The album Slave by Infest
Release Year: 1988
Added By: Matt Andersen

1. Break The Chain

time for you to listen i got something to say get back! stay the fuck away! keep your distance and i'll be free plastic molds, human shapes all distorted, figures of hate all the static fucks my brain must escape break the chain!

2. Pickled

hey macho man, can't you think foot ball hero. nickname's Dink his arms are big, but his mind is small swallow a twelver and have a ball look across the room, someone smaller than you it's your chance man, to beat him black and blue too much barley, too much grain living dead, immune to pain stumble around, pick a fight fuck with me. i just might

3. Sick-O

slashing up humans gets him off bits and pieces, small and soft freezer bags store his mess those human remains always kept fresh sharpens his blade after each one preparing for another slice o' fun still they laugh like he's a joke but they can't laugh, without a throat a new selection sounds just great release the tension, even out some hate pressure builds, can only control it by satisfying his stainless steel dick???

4. Plastic

sure you can lie, except to yourself make others think you're someone else pretend you're someone by faking your feelings to get accepted and have some meaning friends swallow your bullshit like it's food opening themselves to who they think is you what's the reason for using a sheild not letting out how you feel afraid to let out what's inside rather be someone who isn't alive is ther eal reason why you fake because yourself is your biggest hate? just be yourself not someone plastic before it's too late things get too drastic...

5. Mindless

living to use use till you die life just sucks unless you're high can't get high escape with sleep away from the pain only drugs can treat shaking you awake covered with sweat prescribing home versions of an inevitable death mindless mutant do you like what you are? substance abuser professional retard it makes me sick such a waste just get a gun both have same fate

6. Which Side?

stuck on a fence, walking a fine line cant' choose a side, just buying more time don't be afraid, you're not alone just atake a chance before the chance gets blown which side am i...

7. V.Y.O.

nobody speaks for you without knowing your thoughts no matter what they say be your own boss along with everyone else you have a mouth too speak when you should others will hear you why be someone's follower leading is where it's at if others relate to your views you'll be who they'll back always speak your mind others may feel as you do don't worry what others say speak to what applies to you voice your opinion your voice must be heard voice your opinion your voices must be heard

8. Where's The Unity

all you do is talk, you never act hypocrite, and that's a fact positive scene is a must without friendship, there's no trust visions of unity seem so nice but when i see a fight, i think twice when i go to the shows and see stupidity all i can say is 'where's the unity?' alcohol seperates us use your head, keep in touch positive scene in our land lending your brother that helping hand visions of unity seem so nice but when i see a fight, i think twice when i go to shows i see the stupidity

9. Screwed

Life is hard, then you die plus mass questions, asking why but saying this and wishing that wasting time, never coming back got to be tough and watch out for pitfalls not paying attention, costing it all temptation along side, twisting the mind finding a weakness, to bait his line then there's friends, so you thought seems he lied, so you got ripped off next it's her, she's so sweet always feeling good, ain't love neat quickly see beauty turn into beast catching your neighbor 10 inches deep all that's left in your head interested to see what tortures ahead screwed...

10. Machismo

it's hard to explain the way i feel can't jeoparadize my macho sex appeal immune to all feeling, i just don't understand must be cold and shallow, a real macho man time to think... this attitude stinks! warm human feelings must be kept inside machismo is at stake, just think if you cried tell people how you feel, they might think you're screwed tell them where to shove their bullshit attitude! macho bullshit attitude macho bullshit attitude

11. The Game

fucken authority lays laws on me social guidelines enforced on me classified labels you can keep part of the game just another fucken sheep!

12. Sick Of Talk

say one thing then do the next shut your face, give your mouth a rest sick of talk and i'm sick of you what the fuck am i supposed to do? rage builds up up inside a feeling i cannot hide you better get the fuck away from me!

13. Iran Scam

ronald reagan, contra scam hurdling towards another Vietnam political misuse, congress unknowing people decieved, while aid is growing ronnie's helpers, design master plan to overthrow a government, in the name of uncle sam arms for the hostages, cash for contras missiles and guns, bought with US dollars...

14. Life's Halt

looking up above, light fills the skies showers of warheads begin the winless fight everyone responsible, being at fault these heathen ways, caused life's halt seems evil thoughts, finally overpowered once good people, time has soured forget human compassion, fend for thyself playing fate's chards, dealt by yourself seems everyone drew cards of death as radiation blankets, smothers last breath all is lost, taken for granted realizing only then, how priceless a planet pushing the button, releasing the bombs resetting this world, too far gone a new beginning progressing again until reaching another sick society end...

15. Slave

kiss their ass no fucking way! on your knees do as they say born on your knees slave to society kiss their ass no fucking way! on your knees slave to society

16. Head First

kiss their ass no fucking way! on your knees do as they say born on your knees slave to society kiss their ass no fucking way! on your knees slave to society

17. Sick And Tired

every show the same ol' thing do you pay attention to what we sing? brother against brother, such a shame brainless gangs, it's getting lame! bashing some heads your way of fun but when it's one on one that's when the fun is done all the slogans of unity that's something I don't see a scene that's something plagued with groups of hate let's just coexist and try to relate proving themselves men bunch of fucken shit i'm getting tired i'm getting sick of it!

18. Fetch The Pliers