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Indestroy - Indestroy - (All Lyrics)

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Release Year: 1987
Added By: Josh Highland

1. The Gate

Ages Ago Laid To Rest You Don't Understand Still You Must Test Screaming Of Souls Beyond The Gate Cities Crumble Unleashing Of Hate Sacred Scriptures Ancient Finds Broken Bodies Twisted Minds Horror Summoned By Your Own Hand Spilling Your Blood Onto Holy Land <i>[Chorus:]</i> Elder Gods Sacred Rites Beyond The Door The Haunted Nights Releasing Forces In Horror You Quake That Which You Summoned Was Your Mistake Burning Candles Spirits Wrought Unchained Powers You Have Sought Ancients Mystics Incantations Darkness Gives You No Salvation Terror Coursing Through Your Veins Unholy Coldness Attacking Your Brain No Place To Run There Is No Solution For You Have Evoked Your Own Execution <i>[Chorus]</i> Marked For Torment By Their Decree It Is Too Late You Can't Be Set Free An Ancient Time An Ancient Place A Sentence Of Death That Now You Must Face

2. U

Fields Of Freedom Sown With My Blood Agent Orange Death From Above C.C.C.P I See Red P.M.R.C You're Better Off Dead My Country Tis Of Thee Sweet Land Of Anarchy Lost Souls Can't Be Saved Cause We're All Living For The Grave They Try And Tell Me That I'm Free But Pinko Maggots All I See Like A Rate Caught In A Trap You've Been Taking All Their Crap <i>[Chorus:]</i> Do What They Say Just A Slave Cradle To Grave U.S.S.A Just A Number Another Fool Brainwashed By Dictator's Rules Twisted Leaders Twisted Minds Follow Orders Deaf, Dumb And Blind Why Can't They Just Let Me Be Enforcing Laws By Their Decree Big Brother Is Watching You Slaughtered Babies Fascist Rule 18 Years Old Enough To Die Taken Away Don't Ask Me Why Blind Eyes Backs Against The Wall Smell Of Vomit In The Torture Hall Neo-Nazi Fascist Cops Bash Your Brains Until You Drop Rapes And Murders Every Day But Play Too Loud And You Will Pay Leaders Smile On My T.V But They Don't Give A Damn About Me Writing Laws For Mind Control Try And Make You Fit The Mold <i>[Chorus:]</i> Do What They Say Just A Slave Cradle To Grave U.S.S.A

3. Ground Zero

Burning Demos In Circled Flight Evil Powers That Shine At Night Driven On By The Word Of A Brainsick Despots Might <i>[Chorus:]</i> Annihilation Falling Sky Decimation Time To Die War Is An Epidemic Of Lethal Insanity Tell Me How Can These Politicians Say What's Right For Me It Doesn't Prove Who Is Right But It Sure Proves Who Is Left From The Sky The Bombs Are Dropping And Evoking Violent Death <i>[Chorus]</i> So I Sift Beneath The Crumbled Brick Hoping For Some Sign Of Life My Eyes Can't Believe What They See Can This Be Happening To Me Yes The Pain Is Searing Through My Brain Until I Find Someone I Know I Will Not Live In Vain The Ground Has Been Reduced To Ashes And The Sky Is Black The Final Bloodbath Is Achieved And There Is Not Turning Back <i>[Chorus]</i>

4. Dead Girls (Don't Say No)

Lived Above A Funeral Home Late At Night My Mind Would Roam To All The Thing I Could Be Doing One Night I Went To Stalk My Prey The Viewing Was Over There She Lay Before I Knew It I Was Screwing Dead Girls Don't Say No No More Waiting I'm Doing The Deed Fulfilling Every Lustful Need Yea It Feels So Very Good Run My Fingers Through Long Blond Hair Put Both Her Legs Up In The Air Feels Just Like I Knew It Would Dead Girls Don't Say No Feeling Good Letting Loose Filling Her With My Hot Juice My Fun Is Over It's Time For Me To Go She Was Good And Very Sweet For A Lifeless Piece Of Ice Cold Meat Too Bad She'll Never Know Dead Girls Don't Say Much At All Cards And Flowers All Around But She Didn't Move Or Make A Sound Took It All And Never Complained Some Like 'Em Hot I Like 'Em Dead Better In A Coffin Than In A Bed I Don't Need Her For Her Brains Dead Girls Don't Say No

5. Fatal Sin

Sometimes You Feel That Your Mind Is Split In Two Like With No Direction And A Nasty Attitude Death Takes A Stance Now You Can See It's Gonna Be A Fight He Comes To You In All Your Darkest Dreams Blows Your Mind In The Middle Of The Night Life Is But A Silly Game One You Just Can't Win Life Is But A Fantasy Made By Fatal Sin

6. Brain Damaged

Play With Fury, Play With Speed Grinding Rhythms, Wailling Leads Feed Upon The Things You Bleed Fast Rock And Roll At Utmost Speeds Bang Your Heads Up And Down Throw Your Bodies All Around Fast, Loud Really Obscene Play For Pain Say What We Mean <i>[Chorus:]</i> Bleed For Metal Passing The Test We Are Not Normal Brain Damaged At Best Crashing Metal Heavy Beats Come On Assholes On Your Feet Thirsting For A Metal Sound Stomping Posers To The Ground Holding Your Ears Are They Starting To Bleed Can't Stand The Noise Then Get Up And Leave Can't Stand Posers, We Hate Them All We Live For Metal Proud And Tall <i>[Chorus:]</i> Play With Fury Play With Speed Grinding Rhythms Wailling Leads Feed Upon The Thing You Bleed Fast Tock And Roll At Utmost Speeds Band Your Heads Up And Down Throw Your Bodies All Around Fast Loud Really Obscene Play For Pain

7. Justice Sucks

Justice Sucks I Spit On Cops They Lock Me Up You're Busted - For What Possession Interrogation Of A Dangerous Substance I Was Relaxing By The Falls I Wasn't Hurting Anyone And As I Fired Up A Bone I Found That I Wasn't Alone You Have The Right To Live You Life If Getting High Is Such A Crime You Have To Decide For Yourself If Getting By Is Worth The Time Justice Sucks I Spit On Cops They Lock Me Up You're Busted - For What Possession Interrogation Of A Dangerous Substance

8. Shadowlord

Voices Talking In The Night Malevolent Heathen Scum Never Even Knowing That The Time Has Come To Run <i>[Chorus:]</i> Madman - Toying With The Things We Don't Understand Blindman - Saying The Words Not Meant For Man Deadman - Saving The Scrolls That Must Be Destroyed Shadowlord - Your Soul Has Been Cast Into The Void He Has Lived In The Streets For 100 Brutal Years He's Killed His Share And He's Shed No Tears Some Might Say He's Evil Some Will Say He's Vad But All I Know Is That He's Fighting Mad <i>[Chorus]</i> So Just You Remember When You Are Out Alone And The Streetlights Flicker And You Are Far From Home Remember He Is Out There With A Damaged Brain Remember He Will Kill You Becasue He Is Insane <i>[Chorus]</i> Screams From The Darkness The Earth Begins To Quake Evil Is Around Us Then The Dead Start To Wake Voices Of Confusion Abandoned By Man He Has The Power Of God In His Hand

9. A

I Was Standing All Alone In The Rain With An Intense Feeling Of Being Sane I Felt A Flame Burn Inside Of Me Hoping Someone Would Soon Come Set Me Free But Time Passed On And It Became So Clear I Knew That No One Would Find Me Standing Here Although I Knew That My Conscience Would Carry On To A Lonely Place Where I I Had Gone I Was Relieved To Escape The Empty Abyss The Place Where They Watched Me With Carefulness As I Approached My Manifest Destiny A Smiling Demon Said Hell I'll Set You Free So I Sat Down On The Dirt Closed My Eyes And The Devil Came Dressed In His Disguise Morning Came Quickly And I Awoke To Find Out It All Was A Subtle Joke

10. Dismembered

With Castigation In Middle East A First Offense Is Not Repeat Your Arms Dismembered, Hacked Away A Guilty Verdict, You Now Must Pay Corrupted Jury, The Trial Goes Fast A Severed Limb, The Sentence Passed The Sword Falls Hard, With Utmost Speed The Crowd Moves Forward To Watch You Bleed Your Arms Dismembered, Hacked Away The Pain Is Searing, It's Time To Pray The Blood Keeps Flowing, You're Left For Dead All For Stealing A Loaf Of Bread The Terror Fills Your Body The Tension Starts To Rise A Moment Of Silence And Then You Realize Darkness Falls Around You The Tension Rips Your Spine A Death Dealer Is Behind You Slicing Deep To Take Your Life