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Hermetic Vastness - Hermetic Vastness - (All Lyrics)

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Hermetic Vastness
Release Year: 2005
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Devastating Winds Of Apocalipse

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> Sorcerers sing forbidden songs with a single voice Invoking forbidden spirits, celebrating the pentagram Slender angels are armed to defend the giant fortress The true light is also in the dark like the dark is in the light. Black angels fly through... sky like free eagles Enslaving the souls that... die on anathema At this day that sunset will be in sunrise Time stops and goes back, sunrise will be in the west! With the brothers we toast the conquest victory! With the enimies remmants we share the toast! Our victory we celebrate... drinking together his own blood Saluting the great spírits co`s... just the strongers will survive Devastating winds of apocalipse... apocalipse... Devastating winds of apocalipse... apocalipse... Sunrise at sunset... the scenery to the day of abduction... Sunrise at sunset... the ascension of the rebellious on light...

2. Empire Of Metal

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> Hey warriors Welcome to the world of... metal... Our brothers fell in glory Make us immortals... Will be remembered in blood for the future generation... And for us will be celebration... In our spirits forever... Forever... The empire of metal The empire of metal The empire of metal Our warrior's clã in, the silence of the night Will evoke the power of our gods cause Will fight to the conquest of the universe Future in crystal ball is construction of the empire... Empire... empire... empire... The defeat to us is just a legend And isn't written in books of our ancestors We have the key to evolution race Lucified force that gives us pleasure to play the steel The steel... the steel... the steel... Empire of metal the touch to the swords is the contact Empire of metal the touch of the swords is the contact Come on to victory, the black sword order in the history The winds flow the ritual flames to the ancestors Batting the enemies blood and clinching the black sword We declare the freedom and raise the flag of the empire... Empire... empire... empire... Empire of metal the touch of the sword is the contact Empire of metal the touch of the sword is the contact

3. Ritual Of The Drunken God!!!

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> And then young woman dance in my reverence And the shaman offers her to me shedding her virgin blood. Burning her body in a sacred bonfire, conducting her soul Protected under the kingdom of my domination. A ceremony in my reverence in the holy day. Women, men and children that dance naked The gladiators are ready for primitive ritual Beasts and men shed blood, all to celebrate me. SILFOS! Thank you for giving me wings to fly the fixed clouds. DJINS! You taught me the cross cuts of the forest, to escape from trails and traps. ONDINAS! I Want to court the sirens and offer them living water veils and pearls. SALAMANDRA! Instigate my fire, in dance of fire, dancing to me Dancing to me Dancing to me!!!!!!! So, I dreamed that I was the ritual in the holy day, Or maybe the ritual dreams that it's me today!!!!!!! Meditates this God, getting drunk with all that blood Observing and hiding behind the mountains.

4. Under The Gás Lamp Half-light

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> The gas lamp that illuminates the pier walk Attention to the woman that holds it The stumble look in yours, that wonders That involve, transmit the message Telepathically she already awaits for me anxiously To the coitus like the end of a saga In the middle of the coitus, the blood let flow From entrails of this beautiful virgin witch She offers her orgasm and her blood that are pure Will be blend to the semen and will make it pure Alchemy, magic, women singing and dancing Celebrate the force of the ritual of power She flows naked with her involved body by the veil Flittering now in a blue sky of crystalline world I'm drinking of the evocation electricity The death is the orgasm of spirit Telepathically she already awaits for me anxiously To the coitus like the end of a saga

5. Ancestors Of The World

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> All the ocultism of sabatian rituals Celebrates the birth Of the chosen ones Giant salamander sings with his ignious voice Dancer flare, Dances according to the wind!!! Cyclone of fire, waves in sea of fury Voracious ocean That cannot be sailed And on land the five elements make the union We are the fusion with Something that cannot be seen. Earthquakes are like discocerting drums That rise the dust And spread it on the eyes. Go to the seven seas and to the four corners of the world Thrown by the volcanoes that Woke up for great party. Come and join us for our banquet Your lord invites you to be special... Drink the sacred wine of consagration chalice Dance in divine sanssarra of great at spírits...

6. Strong And Serene

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> I know who you are that walks on the mist. In woman form, but a seducer. Singing this melody and enchanting the mortals. The death is so beautiful under the moonshine. When the currents are calm... It's time to pay attention... In the sky co`s something will happen... Ravens will fly, the danger will echoes in the wind Only the disturbed and fragile men Are afraid of strong and serene melodies The emotion is stamped in corpses faces That are trapped in iron birds cockpits The flowers perfume that decorates the scenery... Enhancing the homenages in sanctuary... Where men and birds are tumbed... Surely the melodies are strong and serene.

7. All The Masters

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> His mantle occult his million of faces Comes the master walking from twilight Throwning the seeds of stars, espheres of life From his magic hands, he is the lucified At his surround our spirits to assist him Now stamped with ancient symbols of ancient battles The energy irradiated throwgh the ressonant melody Like a wasp in the void resplandecenting Comes the master from the stars The sunrise again, after a long winter of tears Where the flowers were derelict A floating walk in one more silent world It`s time to appear the life from the magic spheres

8. Blood Soaked Flautist

<i>[Lyrics by Guilher, Music by Andre]</i> Thunders are like voices of gods in wrath Lightning mould the silhouette of wet flautist The flute confuses the sad melody of rain. The muddy way guides the step thru the forest Rays mould the dark silhouette near mountain Wind and cutting rain can't blow the flame of candle Procession of singer old women singin`unknown verses Frogs speak in their amphibious idiom salutin`all the pilgrims. On the muddy way only pass those that speak strange languages Everybody waves interfered for their own spirits To the guardian spectrus; the messenger from unknown space Lands where none have stepped before are waiting for you