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Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust - (All Lyrics)

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Eatin' Dust
Release Year: 1999
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Godzilla

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high tension wires down Helpless people on a subway train Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them He picks up a camero and he throws it back down As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla History shows again and again How nature points up the folly of men

2. Module Overload

Right by a satellite... we went out of control A hundred feet... in front of me Back up we go A weeks like a time spent.. leaving it alone Ya cant get there from here... I heard em say Up from where we were And I'm sure.. been there before Cutting through the field... like a sea Head beneath it all Hands off the wheels... start the ride Heading to the wall Hypnotize... from the light Nothing like we seen Can you show us the way... light the fee Holdin what we need And I'm sure.. been there before Straight down... straight down We'll drive it right... into the ground It's a module overload

3. Living Legend

Ride taken its toll Non believers gather for On a slow motion high road Off course they go Lord of the motor rise Static shinnin televised Hundred years back again Hundred more till the end Like I told you before From the middle of the world We heard the word and were gone Legend read be warned Quick arrival from above Foot down not enough Torn through the edge of some Starting where it begun Overburn rushin to.. on foot make it through

4. Eatin' Dust

The road demon sees... spinnin last.. four speeds Convoy says lets roll! Innerstate... time to go! King of the mountain screams... pedal down.. seven three Driver rolled his eyes... search light... they shine Land controller All seer.. All knower Dual freak lies... headfirst downside Its overblown.. by now.. they know 5 miles to go... in 20 years.. they'll show Engines die down... Slow paced.. low ground Crowd gathers near... what they saw.. what they hear Had a job to do.. right side.. straight through The light starts to rise.. some left.. hell of a ride

5. Shift Kicker

A eye pleaser 20 years ago.. To this day I still think so Type 2 in a door seat 3 And all with the greatest of ease.. I couldn't see.. a damn thing Engine wise slip through your hand Speed gear alone they stand What kind of plan have you received Off we go... you bet: full speed I couldn't see.. a damn thing In a row... in a row... we go

6. Orbiter

Man made way unknown... change course.. back to home From the scope they saw a shine.. like that.. close behind By now the controller knew... full power chased by two No one in the room could tell... a wild story yea ohwell For a moment things went calm... no need to sound the alarm The controller gave the word... planes vanish is what we heard Did it happen like he said.. better find out instead Rolling back in time... short notice.. but we'll try Will they ever show... Orbiter lays low Next morning we arrived on site.. had a feelin something ain’t right Soon as the car door slammed.. Hemi's keys were in my hand Blown heads on a six fifty four (654) All right now we need one more Orbiter is close at hand.. we all agreed on a skyward plan Will they ever show.. Orbiter lays low So now months passed us by.. we're sure it was all a lie Sun mirror was placed on high.. will let us know over time First step to another world... is from years gone by were sure

7. Mongoose

Look inside.. the day started right A back road in a dirt town lives.. all time Slowly turns.. signals high.. what happens next All time The mongoose flies Removed from the times Event for the eyes Mid day they gathered one by one All time The story lies behind.. the mongoose flies on by Out on the street they ride.. the mongoose flies on by

8. Pigeon Toe

2 wheels a rollin' Locates the deal Suddenly awoken Scrapin the wheel Lost out and over Short length of ride Everyone is certain Everything is all right Wrong place and the right time Ride high and low Left for good We'll never know Can you see by the tracks left Dust settles slow So we all bow down PIGEON TOE! First few were a get down Fast times and all So out of nowhere They began to haul Rollin through the flatlands End of day It too bolts upright Or so they say Through many dirt rides A blown 4-O-2 Chrome shinnin mighty We already knew Can you see by the tracks left Dust settles slow So we all bow down.. PIGEON TOE