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Free Spirit - Free Spirit - (All Lyrics)

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Free Spirit
Label: Lockin Out / Triple B
Release Year: 2010
Added By: Owen Zinn

1. Selfish

Stop at nothing to get your way – this game stops cause I won’t play. You’ll only get what you give trying to have it all in this life we live. Think – look what you do from the other side of your point of view. This selfishness, You won’t have it all, Put it to Rest! I heard all your excuses so don’t try to deny cause you’re proud of your greed and you wont even try to look at yourself, look what you do, think of someone other than you. Just try to put your selfish attitude to rest.

2. Never Too Far Gone

Negativity gets me down when all this bullshit comes around. It all seems so far out of my hands but I know it’s not too far gone. Problems seem so far away – who gives a fuck what people say? I’ll always try to make this shit right. It seems so far out of my hands but I know it’s not gone.

3. Wont Take No More

Everyone’s a critic but who are you to judge? Do you speak your mind or do you say too much? You’ll say what you say and that’s ok by you. But who the fuck are you to tell us what to do? We do our own thing But you just don’t care, do it our own way- Could you say you put yourself out there? It’s not that I think I’m better than you, But if you want our respect act like you do

4. Be Yourself

Open up your eyes and look inside, And find a person with an open mind- Who doesn’t give a fuck about what they say. Just acting like yourself and being your own way. Show the world what’s inside. Be Yourself and have some pride. Who gives a fuck what others do? What don’t you just let you be you. Be Yourself Show the World what’s inside Be yourself and have some pride Who cares what others do? Why don’t you just let you be you!

5. Images

Too Scared to act afraid to not look right – you lost yourself in your own sights. Made to feel like we’re not right - You lost yourself in your own sights. Have some pride Real beauty lies inside A society which makes you insecure isn’t right – Let them know you won’t stand by. And then you’ll know you tried to keep that shit out of your head – All that life puts on you. Looking around, I know it’s not right. I see the way we view ourselves and ask myself “why?”

6. Open Mind

Judging other people. We’re always right. It’s so easy to write everything off without ever looking inside. But I’ll have an open mind. Give a chance, take the time, have an open mind!

7. Free Spirit

There’s a reason for what we do and we’ll do it for real. To play some music, have some fun, and say how we feel. Stay sincere, be yourselves, and have something to say. We’ll give a fuck, learn to care, express ourselves our own way. Try and make it clear – that there’s a message in what you heard. Be ourselves, there’s no doubt. Now you know what were about. Not gonna try to fit any mold. Just do our own thing and not what we’re told We’ll always speak our minds and shout it out loud That we are free sprit and were fucking proud! Try and make it clear – That there’s a message in what you hear. Be ourselves, There’s no doubt. Now you know what we’re about.