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Dr. Faust - Intoxication - (All Lyrics)

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Release Year: 1996
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Lymphatic Intoxication

Sick infection in your blood Deadly virus kills your brain Panic fear catches your throat Your temperature rises, you burn in flame Scare of death blows your mind Pain and horror drive you mad Finally your soul gonna out of body And you absolutely dead Legions of the death start their dirty work This is a holy war between light and darkness Lot of hungry worms start their scared feast Reek and smell of death takes all space around Many years ago you was just one cell One cell in the your mother's womb Now you're pile of dirty rotting cells What's the point of that fuckin' life? Anyway, let me tell you one word Hopeless faith, blind illusion of grace of god Black hearts, evil minds rule you know how Sick people, death and problem #1 in world Be careful struggling with temptations Project yourself of sick infections This is end of civilization Just like Lymphatic Intoxication

2. School Party

Here we go boys and girls You said let the party, right? Who knows, what awaits you behind the door Open your eyes and you'll see Violence, incest, terror, crimes Power, glory, shine, darkness Innocence, guilt, strong and brave men Killers and thieves at the school party

3. Face Of Your Enemy

You know the rules Game's prize called death Smile that you can see On the face of your enemy Kill before you'll be killed Cut them throat, save your life Smash the face of your enemy Let him burn in hell

4. Cruel Insect

Horrible monster live's in my home I was scared to death of they look He wait, me, he wants me, he will kill me All I want, just one thing Something to run, From cruel insect

5. Pain Forever

Looking around, you see body Spot's the blood's flow on the

6. Suffocate

Suffocate, in the stench Decomposed, of the corpse...

7. Drunk And Drive

Just another vision stands before my eyes Distorted pile of metal death without disguise Ripped flesh of human whole sea of blood Picture of destruction you'll never see the light One more glass of drink Leads, you down to the grave See it's coming from the dark Angel of hell calls you now Emptiness before you drunk's drive it's true Break the low and order, never mind, it's cool Just another vision, just another man It's a kind of murder, don't you understand!

8. Only Dead Knows

Only dead knows the truth Future comes not for youth Exit closed, no way out Magic mist lays on the ground

9. Odd Voice

No lyrics

10. Street Visions

Something strange But it's over now Some one's calling me Oh, it's only sound of wind Somewhere just raining But sun is shining here May be I'm crazy But it's only way of life Why me? Call the price of salvation Just why? You'll never lose me in the crowd

11. Escape From Infinity

No place sweet like home Everything just for you Pain and pleasure, dimensions of soul Truth of life is revelation of god Death calls-you can't resist Gates of hell your last resort... <i>[Chorus:]</i> If you try you can make it Your last change is escape from infinity Pilgrims path not an easy Promised land not a Paradise... Homicidal instinct way of life Total elimination has no limit Pathological anatomy of society Black melancholy of relationship

12. Revival Of Prime Evil

Overdose, an accident, invasion in your now spoke of mystic power. Aliens, enemies Warriors of death have terrible weapon Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide From lord of darkness, master of destiny Flight for your life, fight for your faith Leave your dead brain, save your immortal soul Just we say to people that evil never dies Someone won't belive us, someone never tries Deep into the grave lays rotten corpse Sow the seeds of evil sacred call of gods Suffer, misery, pain and disgrace wait you in future Hunger, destruction, an awful pictures born in your mind Who helps us? Who saves us? We all sowed the seeds of evil Ghost, nightmares take you far away. You got no dance in the darkest hour zombies on the road Leaves their empty graves. Don't wait grace of god Smell of death is near you feel it deadly warm Time to die is coming, it's just calm before the storm All we says: "Forgive us" Lord, we have to live Praying for the mercy Save our souls, and forgive Lucifer is waiting bloody sacrifice Never get to the future Never back to the past You're got the right to live You're got the right to die You're got the right to kill You're got the right survive Meet me when the sunrise Colored eastern skies I'll give you indulgence Then you may to die From the rotten body From the smashing skull Arise the evil flowers It's beginning of eternal fall

13. Playboy