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Debauchery - Rage Of The Bloodbeast - (All Lyrics)

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Rage Of The Bloodbeast
Release Year: 2004
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Blood For The Bloodgod

Blood for the Blood God Blood - Death - Gore For the skull throne Rabid bloodletting The honour of killing Forward for your honour, die I will rip apart I will spill your blood There is no honour without blood Killing in masses As the slaughter progresses Blood, gore, crushed armour Forward for your honour, die I will rip apart I will spill your blood There is no honour without blood Killing, killing, killing With the knife and with the saw Blood for the Blood God

2. Chainsaw Masturbation

Metal teeth Cunt is bleeding Chainsaw is wheeling What a good feeling The cunt ripped out Intestines all about I get the whore Fuck the saw Chainsaw masturbation Metal rippes apart Cunt is bleeding Burning flesh Feel the saw Blood is pumping Intestines jumping Time to masturbate ‘Til the cunt will break Chainsaw masturbation

3. Rage Of The Bloodbeast

Fire and iron - Demonic warmachines Burned flesh, tortured, armoured in chain mail Forward from hell, with axes we fell Murderers, invaders Rage of the Bloodbeast We come to kill, to rape and murder Fucked up butchery - Sadistic slaughter Impale, impale - Impaling you children Rape, rape - Raping your women Rage of the Bloodbeast I shall wolfe your flesh and snap your bones Skrind your folk and burn their homes You shall never dread my kind And never squander fear behind

4. Devourer Of Worlds

Coming from the void - The total fucking horror Searching for your species - You will cover in terror The devourer moves - Between the stars and hungers For all the flesh - Of all who lies before us We are the new world order We need no law and no lawbreaker We are the brood with a single mind We are the devourer of humankind We are the devourer Total nightmare from beyond the stars We will rip apart with our claws We are all the creatures, the hellspawns We are all monstrosities united in a single swarm Coming from the void Devourer of worlds Hive war It’s the final hour - It’s armageddon

5. Killing In The Warzone

Dark legion is on the way Only the fools are here to stay Savage hunters stalk the night We are ready for the fight Rotten warriors, rancid flesh - World violation We are searching for your soul - World violation Zombie legions, demons - World violation Worst nightmare, alive - World violation Shoot them down, burn civilians We are the death’s heads Killing peoples, burning cities, devastation Attracted by warzones we stalk our pray In metal beasts, titans for war and gore Hardened by unholy fires Forced with demonic powers We are marching to the war In space hulks from the warp Killing in the warzone

6. I Will Rape And Murder

I will tear your guts out I will eat your heart Car crashed, bodies flying I see the wounded dying No regret, no crime, no sin Let’s feed on another self-slaughtered victim Own children roasted in the heart Mutilated carcass - Bloodbath Eating skin and bones, parts of brain Like Hannibal, the cannibal, the insane I will rape and murder Torture...Murder...Torture Murdering, killing, maiming, slaughtering Butchering, hanging, crippling, raping Ripping, tearing, crying, dying Murdering, killing, maiming, and laughing I will tear your guts out - I will eat your heart I will kill your father - Your mother is a bitch Satan rapes your daughter - Burn this fucking witch Bastard ripped open, time for castrating The genitals given animal hatchlings for feeding A spiked club running up into your anus You are sentenced to suffer from us I will rape and murder Torture...Murder...Torture I will tear your guts out, bitch

7. Armis Of Immortals

Marching through the fires of hell To the sound of a screaming bell A soul of darkness is bound The lands of mortals to haunt Insanity of eternity - Armies of immortals Legions of zombies and demons Cults with treacherous sermons There is no hope, all is lost In this damned and death seeking host Insanity of eternity - Armies of immortals We cannot flee, death is no option It’s an insane army resurrection It’s a circle of madness every day Millennias of torture - We can only pray Insanity of eternity - Armies of immortals

8. The Hellspawn

Time to rape - To kill for blood Feed on you - Rip you apart Cut you motherfucker - Out of the womb And then break your fucking - Cranium Exterminate - Scorch and burn - Hellspawn hordes Vaporized - Warpchrist - Warriors Raping - Killing - Ripping - Corpse devouring With axes and swords Hellspawn Bloody handed savagery Crazy fucked up butchery I feel a hot rush Of fucking bloodlust Searching for nourishment I follow your human scent I see your screaming features Of your prayer mumbling sob-sisters Hellspawn Bestial face With a demonic gaze It’s a real gorefest The end of all weakness The world shall be bathed in blood Time for decay and rot From the warp’s depth’s We bring brutal death Hellspawn Spawn - Killing scum Spawn - For you I come Spawn - Guttural barks Spawn - Bloodlust Spawn - Hell’s fire Spawn - Demon’s spire Spawn - Funeral bell Spawn - God of hell

9. Ritual Killing

Don’t need your religious killings Won’t see animals blood spilling ‘Got my own religious killings Fucked up human blood spilling I take you at the leg Nearly break your back Many small cuttings On the ground blood drippings Spiked on the meathook You’ve got an upside down look I beat you with the club From your wounds spill blood Ritual killing Slowly your life fades away I’m waiting for your death if I may I cut your bowls out Warm intestines all about Mutilated, dissected Bloodless, sickening mess Carcass roasted - Time to feed Now I will take my meal Ritual killing

10. Wargrinder

Bloodstained and maimed Attack, no feints Dressed in metal Forward to battle With fire and iron On the path of damnation Clawed fiends of murder We are searching for slaughter Wargrinder Explosions rock the ground Blood and earth rain down The smell of burning bodies Loosed bowls, blood and zombies Explosions, carnage, it’s striking hell Wading through gore, towards the wall Taking the ground, taking the trench Fire and blood, the death’s stench Wargrinder Killing for blood Wargrinder

11. Take My Pain

Greetings from my soul Where all is dark and foul Violent self-destruction It’s the only perfect option Forward through the trenchline When the bullet hits my spine Jump before the train It will not only crush my brain Kill me - Take my pain Murder and suicide That’s the blessed hellride Murder and wrath It’s my final breath Arteries cut open Or I burn myself in an oven I get myself hanging Or from a bridge springing Kill me - Take my pain This is the final chapter Time for death’s stalking raptor It’s the final hour Time for maggots to devour All the pain is gone away There is nothing more to say Now all my life is spent And I’m finally dead in the end