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Debauchery - Continue To Kill - (All Lyrics)

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Continue To Kill
Release Year: 2008
Added By: Josh Highland

1. It Pleases Us To Kill

"Once you realise that we are all blood, blood waiting to be spilt, then you really know what freedom is. We are free of honour and duty. We can do as we please. And it pleases us to KILL!!!" <i>[Tellos in Ben Counter's Crimson Tears, p384]</i>

2. Blood God Rising

The blood god will rise Mainstream we despise Full of wrath and anger We kill you fucking wankers Eternal monster - Eater of Gore Here to kill - Blood what we spill Kill kill kill motherfuckers We are the blood god's bloodsuckers We are the masters of death The fire of the dragons breath Murderer - Killer Carnifex, breaks you neck Motherfucking bloodshed On the torture rack Impaled through the guts Anal-raped and fucked No guts, no glory Killing frenzy, wrath and fury We are the brotherhood Death is our good Savage and merciless Debauchery Metalheads Murderer - Killer Carnifex, breaks your neck Blood god is rising Death will prevail Blood god is rising We come to kill Blood god is rising Just feel the thrill Blood god is rising Fire at will

3. Continue To Kill

Kill for the living Kill for the dead Your body will be ripped apart In small gory fucking parts The violence is unbroken Debauchery is awoken The ribcage is open wide Hooks and knives in your side Brutal torture in the pit Continue, never quit Maiming, burning, killing fury Cunt ripped open - Fine and juicy Bringing the pain - Bringing the blood Ripped apart - Gutsfuck Blood Runs - Anger Rise - Death Wakes WAR CALLS

4. Faith And Fire

I will cut you fucking Up I will bit you fucking down I will fuck you fucking up Then let you fucking drown I kill your friends and Kin and cut you up I hang you high then Let you fucking drop You will get a hammerblow To your spine That's what you deserve You fucked up swine I cut your legs off - Feed them to the maggots All the while you pray To your false god I rip the eyes out of Your fucked up skull That's your reward for Plotting my downfall Come over here And I will kill you Your mother, all your Kin and friends too Your wife anal Raped and fucked After that I want My dick sucked Your suffering Gives me pleasure It will not be as funny As some teenie slasher You will scream And sob and cry But in the end You will just die

5. Hard Rockin'

If you are some AC/DC rocker Or if you're listening to Mick Jagger Perhaps you are some business checker Or a beggar addicted to liquor Yeah you like to bang your head And think yeah: Jack Daniels is not bad You like to rock, you are born to kill And Heavy Metal gives you the fucking Thrill Here we go again Come on rocking Banging your fucking head Never stopping Coming in jeans, leather And some metal shirts Singing of eagles and dragons And some other birds

6. Apostle Of War

Press home the fucking attack To the frontline, never turn back Expectation to kill Time for a massive butcher bill Tangled mass of broken flesh All that remains of some massice blast Wreckage and debris thrown around Dead bodies of men all over the ground Attack - Overrun - Counterattack Breaking some fucking innocent's neck Shells and bullets, axes and saws Instruments of killing and of war A demon coming from hell Bringing fort dark demonic spells Bloodied vraters, explosions of gore Bastards that is war

7. Worship The Violence

I see you on your way home - Walking I'm right behind you - Stalking I take my knife out of my bag Then stick it right into your neck I hit you bad you're still alive No problem, I rape you as you cry You are a fucking virgin slut I can smell it in your blood I climax in your fucking face That is my reward of the race Now is the time to cut you up That's your reward for being a slut She was a blond bitch looking good Now there's not much left to rot I'm a fucking virgin violator A small cunt terminator

8. King Of Killing

THIS GOES OUT TO ALL THE FUCKERS WHO HATE ME TO ALL THE FUCKERS WHO HATE DEBAUCHERY FUCK YOU!!!! I will stitch your anus together So you will drown in your own shit. You can't control me anymore I'm ready for the world war I'm here to fucking kill You have lost, you allways will With the screwdriver Right into your anus With the axe going for the penis I rape your bitch your mother too Don't take me for a fucking fool I'm an evil soldier of the devil I'm a slave to darkness forever I'm the butcher prince of the fucking Blood God If you don't like me just FUCK OFF!!!!

9. Slayer's Angel Of Death

No lyrics

10. Warfare

Bringing fucking pain Bringing fucking blood An axe in the guts Thousand of victims left to rot Killers out of the cage Killing frenzy - Rage Impending doom, massive battle Listen to the sound of Metal Hacked and fucking chopped And hacked fucking apart Some girls ravaged and raped There's no mercy and no retreat Brutal release of killing Unleash a hideous bloodspilling Screaming bloody path Savage brutal whrat that's Warfare

11. Cuntkiller

Coming to this town - Another killer Coming to slay all the small town Dwellers Live to kill, Enjoy the Madness Mutilation - It's Debauchery, no less Motherfucker I am here to kill, you die I don't care about your fucked up lies Yeah, I am like a fucked up rebel I am on tour, time to trouble I'm born to kill, born for torture My business is death and murder I am bringing the final breath With my iron tools of death I fuck your girlfriend doggy-style I know, it will raise your bile After she has sucked my dick I will break her neck with a sidekick I will maim her cunt and cut her tits off Cut her fucking tits off Yeah bitch

12. Mincing Machine

Let me tell a story Of my last mutilation journey Let me tell about my life And my dead and horny wife It was in summer 1999 In a factory of mine My girl was hot and wanted to suck Hey How'd you like to fuck a mincing Machine? The hooks and blades were working hard Ripped her open and totally apart The cunt was left a sickening mess The tits cut off and meimed no less In the end the bitch was really fucked In the intestines and the butt The rest's gone to the rats Also pretty face and fucked up head

13. Metal On Metal

I don't care what you say I do it my way This is Debauchery motherfucker No pussy music, nothing for suckers Rock'n'Roll you hear my guitar Screaming It's a violent Death Metal feasting Full of hate and full of wrath Get out of my way I'm on the warpath The music is my revenge Something like your death sentence Only with your death I will prevail So I torture you to death with hooks And nails Guitars scream Amps ablaze Hell raised Metal On Metal Right in your fucking face

14. Walking Glory Road

Kill all the suckers Bring them all to pain Never give up Or it's all in vain We are killers, here to win We are Debauchery, the living sin We are the Headbangers from hell We are the marching to a screaming bell This is our religion we salute you To all mainstream loser - FUCK YOU!!! I fear the destruction might end here And that will do us no good Keep the killing hot my friends Make them bleed and I shall see to it That on our new world the blood will Never stop Death Metal Maniacs I SALUTE YOU!!!