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Damage control - What It Takes - (All Lyrics)

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The album What It Takes by Damage control
What It Takes
Label: Livewire Records
Release Year: 2005

1. What It Takes

Time and time again, we hear stories and lies. Frustration builds to the point where it breaks. These dark clouds in our heads pour down, as if to say these words that hurt. Fight, make them go away. What it takes. We've got what it takes.

2. Bottled Excuses

Lost in the feeling, needed the crutch. An extra sip to soften the touch. A drink for courage, a drink to dare. And then a drink to kill the fear. Bottled Excuses. Drink up, drink deep. One step forward, it's hard to keep track. Two steps back, irrationality on the attack. Who will you insult and who will you fight? And who will you bring home tonight?

3. Value of Words

Value, can't put a price on the thoughts in my head. Emotions, who are you to say my emotions are dead? Know me by name, but not by the words that I say. The difference to you grows bigger every day. The value of words. What bridges have been burned and what have we learned? I guess it's safe to say the difference between us will stay.

4. Addiction

Mind polluted, efforts laid to waste. Those carefree years, now a bitter taste. Break your addiction. Begin, be gone, within the blink of an eye. Seconds later, the flame-it died! Your head's filled with smoke and you say nothing's wrong. Your nose is bleeding and you claim you feel strong. It puts me in a rage to see you this way. Your addiction growing stronger everyday.

5. Our Way

And now I feel this distance, it's growing bigger every day. Can we keep this fire burning or will prayer and hope have the last say? This is our way. It's running through my head, those words that were said. And I feel this distance.

6. The Effort

Give or take, I see it every day. Gotta go, gotta run but maybe I should stay. Others throw, they throw it all away. Slow it down, slow it down. And make the effort to see, if you can keep someone company. Millions and millions, without a name. So why should we pretend when we know, we could proprably call one of them a friend? So make the effort to see, if you can keep someone company.

7. Live and Learn

18 hours non-stop. I scream to say, we care, we try. We won't go away, these eyes that see what honesty and sincerity can be. We live and we learn, and we give it another turn. A drive inside you and me, we'll put out our hearts on our sleeves. Learn as we go along. Living life, righting our wrongs. Push on, our destiny. We'll make our words and this bond, it will never break.

8. Truth Lies

A point to make, a point to break, heard it all before. But now, can I ignore? Wanted to try to overlook the why, but now it stands apparent to me. Now I can see. The truth hurts when it lies, and you see things from behind different eyes, Soul-searching for rights, I found a wrong. Now black and red bleed into one. I'm trying to see, there are faults in you and there are faults in me.

9. Seize

So much slips away, I feel it everyday. Fear of failure, that I will now know, I watch, I go, I watch it go. Seize life, seize oppurtunities. Be what you want to be. Time lost, money spent, living life without making a dent. 9 to 5 and conformity won't live life for you... but for me. Make the most out of everyday. Stand hard and have a say. Don't be afraid to take control, 'cause there's more than one right way.

10. When Words Fall Short

I try to scream, I try to shout, but for your deafened ears my words are not right. Who is wrong and who is right? When words fall short do you want me to fight? When words fall short, nothing stays the same. When words fall short, I'm not the one to blame. I've had enough of your bullshit reasoning, and the petty arguments you bring. A waste of breath and a waste of time. It feels so much better without you on my mind.

11. Know Why

Care for change, care enough to see. One step in the right direction, is what I want for me. I'll try my best to do what I can. Know why, the reason I try... Like to see some change in a world gone wrong. Cities crumble, skies set ablaze. Surely, this world has seen better days. Know why, the reason I try... I believe one can make some change, find some ways to help someone see better days. A small effort can turn things around. And that's the reason why I try.