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Averse Sefira - Tetragrammatical Astygmata - (All Lyrics)

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Tetragrammatical Astygmata
Release Year: 2005
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Exordium


2. Detonation

Audient void of antithesis In bastard flames, arise! Unborn By flesh Given voice in mortal shell Iconographic iconoclasm Paradoxical Paradigm Swollen Shifting Drawing Final Breaths Before reemergence In a new radiance The world must burn In rebirth Bear witness to this rise!

3. Cremation Of Ideologies

Howl to the moons of affront! Bear schism against the open gates! The revealed way! Lexiphanic levitations In adoration of false spirit Nursing the swollen death Of lost spirit False spirit! Dilutions of merit Chronicling excreta Beguiling distinction Burning progressions Making enemies Named champions Banners of strife Crying pity! For nothing in return! Equipollence embraced To defeat of liberations

4. Hierophant Disgorging

Tests of spirits Tastes of blood Bile rises to form vestments Destruction The inevitable The ineffable The result of distraction One hand Grasping a presentation One hand Shying from the flames Qlipothic trembles At the roar of the void Appellations raised As shields in search of glory Wheeling suns Propulsing ascendancy Fylfot steps Walk the sky

5. Plagabraha

Dissect worlds Lay bare for all to see Invaginated consciousness Bearing the germ Venesected will Pallid from dying symbol's let Virulence transubstantiated Passing from kith to kin Hesitance of beyond death Enshrines still too much terror To take by hand To behold with open eyes Hide from nothing Except

6. Helix In Audience

Conduits Running above and below Cyclic Manipulations Celestial and terrestrial Intertwined Hierarchy A child's thirst For one replacing many Aspirations Stamped into The wax of the world Sealing eyes and mouth Rectitude The chrysalis Begins as a poem The extrapolations Are engineered Abstractions Overlapping To veil truth Quod Semper Quod Ubique Quod Ab Omnibus

7. Mana Anima

Causative emotions Manifest in sleep Somnambulist lucidity Cognizant of the need For the destruction Of the vessel Animus dominant Consciousness sequestered Vision and thought become Transcendent existence Animate through will alone The magnification of struggle In the struggle for magnification Allocations for sorrow Pale in the face of action

8. Decapitation Of Sigils

Uselessness prevalent In the vacuum Of honour's omission Breath held Eyes fixed One the never approaching Taking no steps to make That which is sought Rived minds In alien unification

9. Transitive Annihilation

Numbing states of languish Surging across aspectual abyss Awaiting absorption Disquieting vibrations Importance lies Coadunating towards Subconscious navigation Becomes Murder confinement As an obstacle of motion Nature exalting The equanimity of struggle Subrogation Gilded in guilt Cast aside All fetters melt away Releasing the pulchritude Of mastery Obfuscated in the face Of the moral Blood flesh Death earth New life taken Taking shape

10. Sonance Inumberate

Spirit and fire Now Caul and Costa Subject to time's process Where once we were not Instruments of providence Dulled, out of tune Warped by the word Behold! Your heaven Dripping with blood The promise of a brighter sky Now gone... Dwelling in eternal grace Locked in battle divine Vestment skin woven to dust Seeping blood once wine Breathless beats of ragged wings Usher us to mortal spoil