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Appalling Spawn - Freedom, Hope & Fury (The Second Spawn) - (All Lyrics)

Freedom, Hope & Fury (The Second Spawn)
Release Year: 1998
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Manthra Of Hope

With hope live, with hope love, With hope suffer and with hope ... die We all know pain, Sometimes we all weep, You are god don't weep... With hope wake, with hope fall asleep You are God so please don't weep... MANTHRA - MANTHRA - MANTHRA MANTHRA OF HOPE Kill sadness - kill sadness - kill sadness - kill sadness Kill sadness - kill sadness - kill sadness - kill sadness

2. My Heaven

Those are the whiles when my heart is slowly beating, Where my words aren't able to fly to, My heaven I call them but often I let myself descend down to the Earth... Where battles are raging, What do I fight for, I fight to know, To realize the magnificence of my heaven, To stay there forever even when I leave... to stay there forever even when I leave MY HEAVEN Yours is the heaven, Yours is the hell, But remember... YOURS IS THE CHOICE....

3. Sublime Fury

The cleansing stream, killing with love, The last but one step to celestial home, SWORD OF FURY .... SUBLIME HEART There is always dolphin swimming by your side and There is always bird of prey running by the other one, Bird of prey leaves the tears of those who don't cope his ferocity and pace behind but dolphin weeps with them. SUBLIME FURY - SUBLIME FURY Let the animals talk to each other, Then you will fight with ...SUBLIME FURY Then you will fight with ...PRIDE Then you will fight with ...FURY IN EYES Then you will fight with ...TEARS IN HEART....

4. Azure Waters Of Inthera

<i>[Instrumental]</i> - This song are the pure vibrations of our freed inland - - It tries to evocate the inner peace, understanding and harmony with the whole being - (throw you sword away at least for a while please ...)

5. By Sword & Heart

In fight there reveals a power ...blood ...sickly dies...withering away falls off...with sword in hand Power is a principle...it goes on...weakness is a sign...OF DECAY Suddenly I fly above that stream, Somebody's holding my hand & my heart, With shame I throw away my sword, TEARS FLOW FROM MY HEART... With pain I return ...back to stream...bu I don't know WHY Perhaps to tell about the place beyond the stream, Perhaps to know how to take by the hand & heart as I was taken, Perhaps to cleanse and elate the power reigning in the stream....

6. Voyage To Inward Freedom

FREEDOM !!! Fear enlaces the mighty pinions swelling in the chest You can feel it...obey that call...kill fear...grind chains Wing on that mighty pinions unto the freedom and announce others about your victory Take them with you, tell them about freedom, dry them tears and show them way... A way to inland a way to heart, there you will enter the Christ's kingdom Only the strong ones will reach the end of ... VOYAGE Everyone is desirable who winged on that pinions and was trusted with sword of HOPE The burden of responsibility will elate you, Remember the silent wish in their eyes, Let it always be the solder between inexhaustible power of your inland and consciousness...

7. Celestian

Opened eyes...opened arms...opened heart - it will make you happy man Life's beautiful....if you want Worship freedom....don't loose hope Say your wishes....make them happen REMEMBER YOUR HEART IS FREE !!! Let yourself walk uprightly your way consequently free, Let the stones that you'll be rumbling over lesson for you... However you must discern the ones that laid earthly dark From those that disseminated Celestian the God. Not until then your spirit shall uprise from the couch and enter the AURA... Not until then your shoulders will be burdened by the MISSION... Let your yearning interrupt that, lowering SYMBIOSIS... OH CELESTIAN...let your voice feeds their starving soul soon...and they will take the air...

8. Open Arms Of Celestial Home

Did I really forget such a beauty to love without fear and live my life with hope? With hope and without fear that by time I expire at last I'll return home.... ...home to that most precious embrace... Therefore the fear grips me because life seems to be the only form of perceiving my entity. I pray to realize that elating certainty... Sometimes I feel like a child taken away from its mother... Sometimes I feel like a child torn from mother's womb... OPEN ARMS OF CELESTIAL HOME WILL WELCOME ME, I'M LONGING SO MUCH.......

9. Messengers

I will never forget their faces I will never forget what I felt I will remember touching their auras FOREVER... They were life and they still are... I touched their souls and I want to touch again forever. They tought to me to love and they still do. Our hearts were beating together in understanding - the deepest one. We walked and did not have to speak. Tear caress my face And I let them. But I hear them saying: "hold on and fight we will meet soon again dear brother". I know I have continue and spread their heritage until that time when heart will not beat for my soul ANYMORE...

10. Selfmonarch

I destroy the dark light and the slime and celebrate blissful victory I am disembowelling the fear my light is swallowing all its DARKNESS I paralyze that crying little submission as I turn my fear to dust My spirit is pervaded by the godness I am entering the EARTH... On the ashes of the once strong gripping anxieties I paint my picture a vision of unlimited touch SELFMONARCH I - GOD Psychical weakness - sickness Invisible will - not ruins...