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Appalling Spawn - Bestial, Mystical & Spiritual (The First Spawn) - (All Lyrics)

Bestial, Mystical & Spiritual (The First Spawn)
Release Year: 1996
Added By: Josh Highland

1. The Selfmonarch

I destroy the dark light and the slime and celebrate blissful victory I am disembowelling the fear my light is swallowing all its DARKNESS I paralyze that crying little submission as I turn my fear to dust My spirit is pervaded by the godness I am entering the EARTH... On the ashes of the once strong gripping anxieties I paint my picture a vision of unlimited touch SELFMONARCH I - GOD Psychical weakness - sickness Invisible will - not ruins...

2. Messengers

I will never forget their faces I will never forget what I felt I will remember touching their auras FOREVER... They were life and they still are... I touched their souls and I want to touch again forever. They tought to me to love and they still do. Our hearts were beating together in understanding - the deepest one. We walked and did not have to speak. Tear caress my face And I let them. But I hear them saying: "hold on and fight we will meet soon again dear brother". I know I have continue and spread their heritage until that time when heart will not beat for my soul ANYMORE...

3. Festering Tears

I met a human who died many centuries ago. "Around myself wreathe your arms": he said without sound without movement, nevertheless I heard him. Ecstatic magnificence bloomed for a split of eternity in a garden of weeping senses and swallowed up all my perceptions... "Your solitude has thrown you between waking and dream, between us and them between soil and fertile emptiness. I feel the tears festering inside of your land, please let them out, release the sadness of your spirit he is crying for HOME!" AND I OBEYED In his purgative emprance that as a messengers from somewhere else, MY SOUL ENTERED... I delightfully trembled as though anticipating the most distant and the nearest breath, breath the most precious! My fear was getting smaller with his every touch. "Become absorbed in deep yourself, till you will be integrated with me." "Breathe your soul, let it pervade beyond the Earth of mind. Beyond the oceans of dreams, there where your experience does not reach there I shall take you and then you will realize. The crown of the masters you will put and let the tears festering for thousand years flow AWAY!!!"

4. Apocrypthum

I feel everything as a medium for satisfaction of my decaying and strongly stinking desires. Bestiality I feel as the strongest power, it will not be appearsed ever, it is growing still. And it is leading me to the unknown shores of beating and dripping wet extasis... Rushes of extraintensive waves want to tear me off from the slushing embrance of the entrails. ...and they are rotting STILL... FLOWERS OF APOCRYPTHUM Eagerly I tremble in extraterrestrial visions and open the doors of more and more repulsive chambers. In the nightfall magnificent flowers come into flower from the fertile psychodung of my entity. ...and the superlative monsters of this sphere I have already brought under my domination and razed the lair they crawled out to the ground!!! Destroyed by immense power of all exceeding will ...however not efficiently. The world of APOCRYPTHUM has opened for my eyes and I have sat on throne...

5. Calling The God

Night descends gently into my mind, sublime castles disappears, aggressive even submissive wind moaning calm changes. Solitude once so elating, now swallowing me. Do you hide from me or my sight perhaps obscured your light does not see? It is so long time ago when veiled to vesture of pain I beheld you FOR THE FIRST TIME My hands silently fumbling only a cold strike. My longing calling you stays unheard. My belief then born however unweakened stays. You are luring me through the hearts of those you dwell inside and I as a bee sitting from flower to flower pollen from these hearts I GATHER...

6. Paingarden

I used to walk there too my dear friend. I used to walk there so often. I used to pick up those beautiful flowers. I used to pick bunches of them up, such a pleasure and such a pain... I could not learn how to fight that temptation... Then came a day and I could not see their beauty anymore. I have begun to feel compassion, I have to feel begun to feel deep love. Love that you can not feel NOW...