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Annthennath - Paeans Of Apostasy - (All Lyrics)

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Paeans Of Apostasy
Release Year: 2008
Added By: Josh Highland

1. Paean Of Apostasy

Retreated into obscurantism, Followers blinded by the Creed. Heterodoxy... Heresy... Profanity... Glory. Few are the dissidents, Desecration shall be the way. Heterodoxy... Heresy... Profanity... Salvation comes from the excrements of their mind, False hopes to forget the fears. Blasphemy as a reaction against mediocrity, An oath to curse them all. Satan is the hegemonic tool and weapon. Addicted to icons created by man, Disciples of immature beliefs. Intolerance against weak human creations, Sacrilege is the key. I am the Abomination, The anathema of all religions. Chant the Paean of Apostasy...

2. Terminate It

No meaning to life, death is almighty and rules the macrocosm. Human myths made as a denial of the simple truth. A dust among dusts, man is unaware of his true condition. The joy of breathing so futile and pretentious. Waste of flesh... Worthless creatures... Aversion for existence... Consumed by an utter hatred. A moment will come, with no turning back, Preceded by a feeling of relief. My soul is prepared to join the nothingness. Immortality is a lie, nothing before, nothing after. No possibility to hear the cries of the remaining ones. The final end to the suffering and illness that is life. Tired of waiting... Permanent nausea... Unbearable agony... Everything is so useless. Waste of flesh... Worthless creatures... Aversion for existence... Consumed by an utter hatred. Useless world ... Useless life... Terminate it.

3. The Only Escape

Moaning, gasping and screaming, suddenly waking up in a harsh way. Impossible to realize what is this glacial and dark place deprived of light. Only a repulsive stench and this penetrating noise that never seems to stop. The impression of having been tortured and left naked on the floor. The moment to move and search for a way out. Alone and crawling through this labyrinth. Still no sign of light, hallucinations start. All senses confused, as an overwhelming horror. Paroxysm of pain, drowning into the unknown. Trapped without any concrete explanation, no answer. Scratched hands on endless walls without door, a frantic search. Making the choice of eating dejections as a survival instinct. No memories, the past has been erased, the material world vanished. Patience is lost in a flood of anger. Heart beats tearing the harrowing silence. The concept of time does not exist anymore. Slow suffocation, devoured from the inside. A pathetic quest leading to nowhere but insanity. Finally doubts disappear, No nightmare here but life itself. A soul imprisoned in a body, With death as the only escape.

4. Anti-human Terror

A constant decline of humanity, Yet a growing number of parasites. The epidemic of life never ceases, And let the vermin proliferates. An inferior race So arrogant. A total flaw In the evolution. Anti-human terror... Let the world perish. Repugnant procreation of abject beings, Vomit on those thoughtless natural instincts. Anti-human terror... Let the world perish. Annihilation of all future generations, No exception for this mad expansion. Anti-human terror... Let the world perish. No remorse for a global infanticide, To exalt the genocide of mankind. Hate against philanthropy, The pestilent mass eradicated. Anti-human terror... Let the world perish. The climax to see people die in torment, The almighty doom as a triumphant ending.

5. Subliminal Terrorism

No lyrics