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A Corpse Named Abel - S/T Ep - (All Lyrics)

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1. Devil Dressed Lovely

razorblade smiles bleed my skin makes me hate to want you your standing so close jealousys burden my awakening your on fire dancing the night away dressed in red and looks that kill your my endless sea of warm desires there is never enough ink to tell you how much I want you working my way in locked doors all I want is a shot at the best let me in those sheets and feel your body close to mine I just want one just one feeling just one moment alone with you let me sing you to sleep with nightmares and fairy tales I tell you your consuming all of me your a devil in diguise and your the one I want to take home tonight you devil in diguise now your dead to me

2. Dead Set On Dying Slow

can you forgive me for not dying soon enough it hurt me so much to hear your voice it hurt you so much to hear me scream bleed nothing ive bled so many tears to bleed nothing at all I just want to stop breathing now we are living for nothing and dying for everything so this is your gift to me your love I wont soon forget leave me in the autumn leaves on an octobers sunset let them find me bound and still I will hold it close I was dead set on dying slow shutter looking back at my own cold reflection pouring pitch black from the gates of my heart in to the dark I am left in pieces now leave me in the autumn leaves on an octobers sunset let them find me bound and still you were my elegant assassin I will hold you close I could never let you go

3. Titus Arum

silent stares turn us to a statue-like repose black mascara hides the somber affliction one small sigh of a quiet lullaby one last night to show what we are made of we have lost ourselves in a calculated infatuation leaving us remains of infamous operations its the perfect shape of my heart I give to you masquerading our abandoned perfections behind closed curtains they cant see what we've become a bruised and bleeding mochery of something that was once so modest reduces us to ashes of sin

4. Fin

undying shadowing over the dreadful things to come I watch as this page grows dim heros so strong so brave so pityful go in to battle blinded by self righteousness while angels grow wings of hate and anger and bleed nothing but black beat down these burnt out lifes the sound of whispers turns to screams of the unforgiven for now hands are now worn from holding on to your empty excuses just let go, fall from grace lay my head to rest with the soft sounds of silence still ringing in my ear and once again I am saved