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Underdog - Underdog - (All Lyrics)

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Label: New Beginnings Records
Release Year: 1986
Added By: Chad Lawson

1. Not Like You

You're welcome to join the crew As long as you fit in All you have to do is make believe You're something that you're not You and your elitist crew Hate anybody who's not like you You're a loser at your own fucking game Your hard image is fake, it's shit You're nothing but an arrogant hypocrite You want every band to be the same A scene wide open to all As long as all minds are closed No one really knows another here Because none will dare to disagree! You and your elitist crew Hate anybody who's not like you Your double standards make me sick You don't practice what you preach And the only people that you reach Are the few that hang out in your clique You laugh at the others who are NOT LIKE YOU I'd rather be myself! I'm NOT LIKE YOU I care too much to play along! I'm NOT LIKE YOU

2. True Blue

Forsake your individuality Try and be someone that you can't be You're so corrupted now your mind won't see Blinded by your negativity! I won't forsake my individuality I won't hide from myself I'll always be the person that I know is truly me Won't kiss the ass of my enemy Look at yourself before you offer me Undying faith and loyalty I have to earn your trust Nothing is free You don't even know yourself You can't know me Don't you know it's about individuality?! Be true to yourself before you're true to me True to life for true liberty True to you if you're true to me!

3. Say It To My Face

Get the fuck away from me I think I'm gonna be sick You know, I'm usually a pretty tolerant guy But you're such a fuckin' dick! You always talk bullshit behind my bak You're something I never want to be I can bust you up one-on-one So get the fuck away from me I need friends but not like you Instead of one face you got two You're an asshole You're a liar You ain't shit! You know that's true You think you're bad, but you're all talk Say it in my face! Please get the fuck away from me I think I'm gonna be sick You know, I've always tried to see the positive side But you're such a fuckin' dick! You're always talking shit behind my back You're something I'll never want to be I'll bust you up one-on-one So step back!

4. Looking Out For You

One for all and all for one I'll be looking out for you Blind unity? No! Look again Friendship tried and true! You say "look out for number one" That's bullshit! How can you have fun When friends are doing the same?! I'm looking out for you And I know you'll be looking out for me Ignorance leads to hate It's not white or black There's no right or wrong But if we cease to communicate We'll break the bonds that keep us strong