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Swamps - Corroding Kings EP - (All Lyrics)

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Corroding Kings EP
Label: Frequency Deleted Records
Release Year: 2011
Added By: xENTEx

1. Swamp Stomp/Hollow Threats

Claiming you are fucking hard but I still have my teeth, waiting for a single threat that you can't fucking keep. Seeing through these hollow threats and I ain't losing sleep. Sick of these fucking games and the bullshit that you preach. Not gunna roll over, there's no giving up. Nine out of ten I'll be standing up. I'm not fucking hard but I'm harder than you, cut out your heart and I'll eat it too. Beat it motherfucker, wipe that smirk off your face. Gunna knock off your block, gunna put you in your.. Thinking what I'm thinking but I'm out of my mind, you think I'm counting the clock but I ain't wasting no time. Think again. Bigger, you are better but your throat will be mine. Thinking about sticking, leaving your belly slit dry. I ain't claiming, I'm just dreaming but best be watching your step. You'll be falling face first with all them bricks in your head.

2. Headache America

I can't think of any other way. I can't think of any other way I want to die. Tie a string around my tongue. Pull it tight, you are not done. Six inch hook goes through my heart, rip it out and then we'll start. Wrap your hands around my throat, snakes and chains will bring me back on down to this old earth. Tragic lives were never heard. Hang my skin to block the sun, sticks and stones were never fun. The american dream wasn't built for me, slit my throat so you can see I am not from this country. I bleed green. Screaming in the eagle's face, this american dream wasn't built for me. This american headache is destroying me. This american dream was not built for me.

3. Corroding Kings

Beat down the crown. Born under kings and their slave holder sons, held down by the hand that answers to none. Grip to reality, see with your eyes. Never mind my disgust, you must realize. Dig. Sealed so tight in this coffin I call life, surrounded by the jackels, I dare not close my eyes. Born with this chip that's sewn to my shoulder, cuts get deeper and I only grow colder. Hanging from my neck, I begin to recall the face of the jackel as it swallows me whole. Ripping the flesh from my bones. My purpose in life is to feed them all. Trapped in this coffin, I swing into the night.

4. Reel Talk

You think I give one fuck about the words in my mouth. I won't bite my tongue, I'll run my mouth into the ground. At least I stand for something in this shitty world, I won't be brought to my knees so fuck what you heard. I hold my heart like I'm losing sleep. I don't believe in this world, I've dug myself deep. Not changing my mind on these views of mine, this world will get me. Slit my throat, it's just a matter of time. Biting my tongue has never been me. Raised to believe that this world's out to get me. Back to the world with my throat slit wide, back to the world at least I have my pride. These confines that I dwell in are the confines that I fell in. So safe inside, I'm so safe inside. But living in my head, I wage internal war. Always a thorn in my side but I won't watch my dreams die. Can't kill me.

5. This War, It Starts With "I"

You took their lives, turned them into dollar signs with no remorse. And I have seen the greed that resides in your eyes as they die. You like your sheep so much better on their knees and if you could you'd take the blood right from my fucking veins. Money hungry motherfuckers in disguise. You better watch your back if you want to survive. My mouth never worked as good as my fist. I'm trying talk it out but you push me inch by inch. Looking at me like you run this planet. You're nowhere near royalty, I can't fucking stand you. Not gunna break my back or bound my words. Looking at me but you're shit out of luck. I'm gunna cross you straight off my list, gunna break these chains you twisted in my skin. Catching my breath. Beg, steal, cut throats to get to the top. This world is ugly, it will never stop. My anger is spreading like a disease. I wanna bring your royalty, bring it straight to its fucking knees and spread the disease. Now you'll get yours right before I hit the dirt.

6. Old Familiar

This is what you wanted, I just wanted to feel but I'd rather feel pain than never feel real. That old familiar pain. Pain locked on your eyes, I just want you to die 'cause I don't want that smile left in my life. Those teeth that you kept always haunting my dreams, biting nails down to bone becomes a daily routine. But this is what you wanted, I just wanted to feel 'cause I'd rather feel pain than never feel real. The worst of my fears was falling in love but I can't stand to be alone so I grit my teeth and take the pain. Spades in my side that teach me to feel that old familiar pain.