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Outrage - Broken - (All Lyrics)

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Label: Panic Records
Release Year: 2009
Added By: Jbeez

1. Into The Dark


2. Broken

These suicide songs, they keep me searching for what I've lost. Questioning what I've become. when did i become so numb? When did life lose it's worth? Now here i stand, staring at my reflection. A broken man, a broken soul, a broken heart I've lost it all. What have i let myself become? When did life lose all it's worth? These winter nights laying in my bed, they've got me questioning if life is worth it this broken man sings from a broken heart, but ill just keep singing these suicide songs when did life lose all it's worth

3. Compassion

In this world full of cowards and thieves, dead angels are  surrounding me. Compassion's dead in this fucked up world and if I was God, there would be no hurt.  The heartless man roams the streets while sinners are supposed to be our saints.  I'm screaming for some kind of change.  Does love mean anything today? Love is dead.  And I feel as if every heart’s been ripped from outside its chest.  And I feel as if compassion’s dead.  Compassion is dead.

4. Dead Air

Suffocated by the idea of emptiness.  My past, it haunts me with regret. These memories that I have are memories I should forget.  Fuck all these sleepless nights.  Fuck these memories that I have.  Fuck these emotions that I feel.  I'm now emotionless. Picking up the pieces from a broken past.  Dreaming of a better life, better than this.  I'm so sick of writing the same song, I'm so sick of feeling nothing at all.  Everything has gone numb; I've lost what I've known.  I've written letters to myself with no words on them. Pages are left empty, as empty as I am.  The air starts to thicken as I feel my chest cave in.  I'm breathing, I'm dying. Without you.  The sky above me holds more to life than this.  The air that I breathe, O' I'm breathing again.

5. Ruined

Once a heart filled kid in this heartless world. He's blinded by what he feels is love. He's blinded by your eyes and what he thinks is trust. He's so fucked up on joy, he can't see through you. A broken heart can ruin a kid, this once heart filled kid is now a broken man. What have I become? He's now an empty fuck.  Broken: he searches for love in the wrong place. Desperate: he mistakes sex for passion.  He finds beauty in nothing. He finds beauty in no one.  What have you done to me?  You ruined me.  Anger fills his heart as he walks through this cold town. He's lost hope in himself; He's lost hope in love. Barely hanging on, he feels his life slip away. How do you wake up everyday when at night you're praying to pass away?  What have you done to me? I'll cast away cast away this pain.  This is me giving up on you, giving up on love, and giving up on hope. My most fucked up thoughts are before I fall asleep.  My nightmares become reality, I owe it to myself to cast away these dreams.

6. Shadows


7. City Lights and Hopless Eyes

These city lights hanging over me as i walk through these streets on this cold winter night. I see the pain in hopeless eyes of the hopeless man of this homeless man. Who keeps holding on. And i here i am... I take for granted the life i have. This life that i have. Walk a day in his shoes...

8. Winter Nights and Desperate Times

Walk a day in his shoes and try to see what he sees. A homeless man with no place to go in this cold dark world. Feel the pain that's inside of his gut from no food or place to rest. Where's the Gold that you've been praying to? Where's the god that should be saving you? He awakens on his bench in the city park where he reigns. The flask in his pocket is his only hope of staying alive. These harsh winter nights cut right through his hollow bones He's addicted to anything that numbs his pain from the public's face. He screams: "Please save me god" He screams: "where is your god now? Where is your savior?" - "you're begging to be saved, no one will save you." On this winter night, the cold gets the best of him, he comes across a gun. Is this how it's supposed to be? Is that your resolution, resolution for me? I'll live a life of nothingness, before i ever be the cause of my own death.

9. Veins

Please answer me: How could you turn to this? How could you use this as your release? Does it numb the pain when it flows through your veins? Do you feel a sense of happiness? Does it fill your hold of emptiness? Does it love you back when you feel so unloved? Does it nurture you like a mothers arms? Does it erase the pain? The life you live, it's worth so much. Your mother cares, your father loves. Don't lose yourself to this crutch. The air you breathe, its worth so much Please promise me: this won't take your life. Please promise me: you're worth more than this. I care for you, i care for you...

10. Writer's Block

You are everything I wished I wouldn't love. You are the knife that stabs through my broken heart. And i am the naive fool who thought it could've worked. And i am the blood that spills from this open would. So find me I've been lost for some time Questioning: Why do you bring us together, only to rip us apart? Why do we learn to love, when loves the only thing that ever hurts? I curse the heavens for what you've done to me, god. I curse the heavens for this pain you've caused. The air's so thick that i can barely breathe. My lungs swell from these words i speak i write these songs for the unloved i write these songs to mend my broken heart I'm the broken man in all these songs I'm the homeless man that has no home I'm the heart-filled heartless world. I'm the one begging for help You're the one who never wanted me, I'm sorry that you never wanted me I'll put an end to all these sleepless nights, I'll put an end to all these songs i write i have writer's block because of you, i touch a pen and think of you these past few years; they've been killing me

11. Waves

Embrace this weave of deceit crashing over you you're choking on every word that you've ever spoke. the water it starts to swell your lungs, you're choking now convicted: by your own empty words embrace it: the man that you've become these roses, they mark the beauty in life you lost the beauty in yourself, you lost the beauty in your sight Where do you go when you reach the lowest of lows? I'll never let this weave get the best of me. I'm sinking faster than a stone, you've taken back everything you've stood for. Embrace this wave that will ruin you and i will never let this wave get the best of me (let it ruin me) Embrace this wave

12. Decades of Grey Skies

Now here i am, 20 years of age looking back on life and what it's handed me I've lost it all, but i won't lose myself no i won't lose myself i'm slowly breaking, but i'm not broken yet and this dark cloud hanging over me, it's starting to shed light: it's starting to break. and there's so much I've yet to love in life - I want to love in life...