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Killing Time - Brightside - (All Lyrics)

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The album Brightside by Killing Time
Label: Victory Records
Release Year: 1995
Added By: Hernik

1. Cheap Thrills

sleaze, hate, the city never sleeps. the feeling of danger to never miss a beat. the thought of violence, the pleasure that it hides ever sick thought enough to turn and make you die. in the shadows, there seems to be no hope. in this world, it’s hard to cope. every cheap thrill catered by a smiling face. trapped in your own world you’re safe. it’s hard to live a life with a back you cannot turn. a life of the streets, at school you didn’t learn everything haunts you hidden from your sight at the end of the tunnel there’s no light.

2. Brightside

i’ve seen enough of this world to know what’s good and bad i don’t want to look back in time and think of what i could have had but that same time is breathing down my neck and i’ve got to hold on. if i lose it all now all hope will be gone. everyday i say to myself it cant be done try to look on the Brightside found out there isn’t one. but i’ve got to make it work cant bare to live my life with regret. haunted by memories, never able to forget. endless minutes and endless hours lead on to endless days. if i lose it all now i know i’ll never be the same. i waited too long for something like this to come my way if i lose it all now there’s only one person to blame. one to cry, one to crawl, one to die, one to fall captive of time, never to be free the one to blame, that one is me

3. Fools Die

boys from the new school playing the same old game. wild eyes and short lives and aint it a shame when everything you need to know is out on the street. every lesson to learn carved into concrete. fools die. i don’t want to be a fool. fools die. boys from the old school refuse to be part of the past get caught up in the new rules they get wasted so fast when everything you need to know is out on the street. every lesson to learn carved into concrete. fools die. i don’t want to be a fool. fools die.

4. Tell Tale

talking behind my back stretching the truth, why cant you keep your mouth shut? what do i have to do to get you off my back and keep you away?, when you don’t really listen to a thing that i say maybe one day you’ll finally see you can talk your shit to anyone but keep your ass away from me. every moment in my life’s written on a page making every story known like on some fucking stage violent situation starting to bust to never know again just who i can trust.

5. What I Want

welcome to the real world, where everyone’s a fake. where being oneself can be one big mistake. you got to play along it comes with the territory that’s it, there it is, end of story. what i want from you i won’t ask i’ll take it what i cant get from you i wont try, i’ll break it.

6. No More Mr. Nice Guy

pushed around and made the fool now its time i set some rules there will be no more games my word is law the time has come for all out war sick of all your faces sick of all your lies sick of getting pressured into things that i despise sick of all your talk sick of all your stares i’m gonna be the same as you cause no one really cares. pushed around had no protection gonna turn my life around in the wrong direction. i’ve played this game for far too long. now i know that right is wrong.

7. My Reason

thought i was on top of the heap till it all came tumbling down on me. dreams turned to nightmares hopes faded to memories. I had hope. i saw a future. from where i stood things looked great. you saw it different, never gave a reason, that’s why i’m so filled with hate. the times that we shared were great. memories i’ll always save. the future looked so bright, until you turned out the light i’ve got a reason for my anger and that reason is you. i hope that some day you get a chance to feel the same way that i do.

8. New Release

torn between what’s wrong, what’s right why cant i open up and see the light cheated and lied with little regard now my insides are permanently scarred. tried to cause no pain. i know it’s still there i know it’s cliché but life isn’t fair what’s wrong, what’s right, have to find it out what’s wrong, what’s right, what’s it all about. now that i’m alone i can really feel the pain without a release im gonna go insane i need some time to figure it all out if i give up now i’ve lost another bout. time heals all wounds they consider this to be true without a release what can i do? i hope this will pass me right by with you gone i feel empty inside.

9. Backtrack

i’m like him, just like you we all got nothing to live up to, but there’s no way out of the race, dump your hopes and dreams just to to keep up the pace. then you realize, a misconception has you caught in the void between anger and depression you think of the days gone past wondering how they could have went by so fast. one step forward two steps back its every man for himself so leave em all behind you’re bound to meet again at the finish line the odds are against you to win the purse. so sell you conscience for what you feel its worth.

10. Wall Of Hate

prying eyes cut you down to size before a word is spoken friendship dies with useless lies, promises are broken. romantic ties bring outraged cries to strong to ever hide i’m trapped behind a wall of hate that no one sees inside cant you read the writing on the wall? its too late for anyone at all don’t try and touch me cause there’s nothing you can do and if you get too close this wall could fall all over you.

11. Wisdom

wisdom in chains unlocked too late they say its hard to keep a good man down but you can cripple him til he becomes a bad man keep him searching through lost and found no, its not hard to keep a good man down sooner or later i’ll be back around. it’s hard when things aint what they seem. someone along the line turned faith into fake and shattered the dream I’ll take anything you’ve got to offer you know how it is when times are tough anything to make me feel better cause sometimes feeling good is good enough in chains too long, set free too late - wisdom