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Cockpunch - Attack - (All Lyrics)

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Label: Closed Casket Activities
Added By: Ben Fredette

1. Cockpunch!

Whoa! Here we go! It's not just a name... it's a way of life! You got punched in the dick...Cockpunch! EAT SHIT!

2. Local TBA

Look at this shit, didn't you know? We just got added to this show! I can tell you're fuckin' pissed, you didn't see us on the internet. Holy shit! We win again! So, you lose, you have no friends. You have no fuckin' friends. Are you fucking serious? You paid good money to see us! This shit is genius! You paid good money to see us! (x2) Cockpunch!

3. Road Rash

Dragged across the fuckin' road, you deserve to die alone. Talkin' shit this has to end, no one talks about my friends. This is road rash! This is slow death! AHHHHHH!!! (Fuck!) My friends are my family, everyone else means shit to me! (x2) You mean shit to me! Shit to me.

4. Dropout

You're a liar, everyone knows why you stopped coming to shows. You're at home, talking shit. Face the facts, you're just a bitch! You're just a fucking bitch! So turn around, and never look back. Don't look for help, just never look back. You fuckin' lose. (x2)


Get hit by a car! (x8) GO! GET! HIT! BY A CAR!


"This one goes out to the straightedge kids. Keep those x's on your fuckin' hands, and don't ever wash them off." STRAIGHTEDGE! No booze, no drugs, no fuckin'. Break the rules, your life means nothin'. Three x's, they're for me, I live my life drug fuckin' free! I'm straightedge, it's true! I think I'm better than you! (x2)

7. Ringringring!

Call someone out today! If you've got something to say, don't hide or walk away, call someone out today! This machine has built our lives, no healthy alibis. So, if someone you hate walks by, fuckin' tell them why! I'm calling you out! I'm calling you out today! I'm calling you out! I'm not afraid of honesty! (x2)

8. F'real


9. What? You don't like fun?

I can't stop this fuckin' ringing in my ears, everytime I leave here. Kids seem to get so down on me when I leave town, Probably when you come around. You've got something to say? Say it. Nothing has effect on us. You're problem is that you're too serious! Sit back and have some fun. Cockpunch will show you how it's done! Cockpunch is number one! Shut up and have some fun! Cockpunch is number one! We'll show you how it's done! (x2)

10. The Third X

This is the third x! So stop having sex, with so many people at the same time! You can't live drug free with an STD! Don't fuckin' talk to me, if it burns when you pee!

11. Act Your Age

How fucking old are you? Seems like we go through this everytime we hash it out. How about you act your age? Try a refreshing change, and wear the big boy pants today! "Yo, there are kids at this show half your age, so why don't you stop acting like a kid, and act like a fucking man." This is a sure sign that you can grow up! All these younger kids are showing you up! We are living our lives, pissing you off. Go cry to your mom, you're fucking soft! "Act your fuckin' age." Just act your fuckin' age!

12. Get it?

You! I don't know you, but I fuckin' hate you! (x2) You just come here to get fucked, but I hope you get a disease! You just met that bitch on the internet, I hope you get a disease! This shit was such a good idea, but it has pained me for years, with fake hook-ups, and talking shit. That fucking girl you're with, has three god-damned kids! ...And now you're their new dad! I don't know you, but I fuckin' hate you! (x2) I fuckin' hate you! (x2) Whores! What are they good for? What are they good for? (x2) NOTHIN'!

13. Toxic Dumptruck

Trapped! Run to the side! Stuck! No where to hide! Crushed! Friends are all dead! Smashed! Right to the head! What we need is a toxic, mutant dump truck, filled with body parts! AAAHHHHH!

14. Not Just For The Ladies

This shit has got to change! I don't care who the fuck you bang. You love the attention, you fucking whore. Who the hell let you in hardcore? Fuck this! Get out of hardcore! You're poisoning everything I live for. This shit is gonna ruin our scene, shit destroyed by a bunch of drama queens. I see this shit everyday. Kid's coming to shows to get laid. This fills my head with dread and doubt. But you got his screen-name, so GET THE FUCK OUT! Stop fucking dating my friends! You're a stupid bitch, and it's got to end! This shit's got to end! It's got to!

15. HCHS

There's no grades! There's no list! You have it all wrong and it's making us pissed! We took some votes and you're the star, everyone knows who you are. Study up and take your test, and then we'll see who can mosh the best! Your shit is so lame but don't be hurt, at least you got that mail-ordered shirt! If you're gonna treat hardcore like high school, then get your GED. And drop the fuck out!

16. Advice-a-holic

Stop hating 'cuz we're younger than you! Stop sending naked pictures of dudes! No one cares how hard you can dance, stand up to someone, you don't have a chance. Stop acting like you've been here for years. Don't try to mimic your peers. Why hook up with girls who are lying? Try the real world that shit is just fuckin' fine. These are just some good ideas. Use your own judgement, but open your fuckin ears! I can't tell you what to do. Make your own choices, it's up to you. I'll try to offer wisdom, I'll try to be nice. But when the time comes, consider my advice.

17. Born in 1993

Hardcore has become a fucking trend! When is all this gonna end? It's cool that kids are coming to shows, I know how the story goes. But kids are here for the wrong reasons, and it's killing me! SIKE! Got beat up? Just shut up! I don't care if you and your girl are getting back together soon. I'm gonna puke, and you're gonna make me do it! SIKE! You fourteen year-olds can eat my shit! Don't buy no Cockpunch records, just SUCK MY FUCKIN' DICK! SIKE!


Mind's overwhelmed completion. Pass your desires and atrocities. Exposing your soul to weakness. Unfed deep within leaded glass. (chorus) Precious flesh and greed, beyond your hopes, beyond your dreams. Hollow, fire in me. I can't feel, I can't breathe. Together, externally. Boxing flesh, entirely. Fulfillment of your pride. Self obsessed, never, ever satisfied. Visions of death and confusion, entangled with disturbments and sin. A time has come for atonement, as this frontman comes to an end. (repeat chorus) In the blackened heart of all your fears, circling around, I invite those shadows near. No longer duct-taped by your evils, outweighing the curse of humanity!