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Bitter End - Guilty As Charged - (All Lyrics)

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Guilty As Charged
Label: Deathwish
Release Year: 2010

1. Corrupted Souls

Mistakes in judgement / twisted Lies / exist on the edge / alert all times / ready to strike to capitalize on others misfortune for the goal in sight / built a wall around your secrets but we see inside / tension thick in the air / masses waiting for a chance at revenge / your time has run its course / been hiding for too long / the filth of greed leaves a scent the dogs can find / you've been found out / corrupted souls all meet the same fate / going out with unfinished business / going out with unfinished crime

2. Guilty As Charged

Locked out / nothing to prove / wanna be the judge? / well here I stand / the verdict handed down / surrounded by sin / couldn't turn it around / I'm guilty / guilty as charged / getting what I deserve / the reaper can't be far / I'm digging my own grave / still above ground still time to be saved Guilty as charged Can't sleep at night wondering what went wrong / how did I make it this far / push everyone close straight to the side / looking out for number one and spitting lies / not wanting forgiveness / not asking at all / slammed with regret / ready to take a hit / words are empty and I won't apologize / what's done is done / I'm next in line

3. The Hand That Feeds

No shame / no remorse / personal gain the only goal / others turn a blind eye / I see right through / the dollar sign conquers all / morals nowhere to be found / taking the streets as your throne / watchful and ready to bleed everything dry / bite the hand that feeds / never justified / law of karma ready to attack / when the hour comes I'll laugh in your face / once living / once breathing / now just another dying disgrace Chorus: You bite the hand that feeds / no shame / now living in your knees If you looked to the future you didn't look far / it's either six feet under or behind bars can't repair the damage to your fellow man / how you living with yourself I'll never understand / terrorizer with a straight face / endless hate you can't erase Chorus: Hammer of justice swinging your way / when the hour comes I'll laugh in your face / no grounds for pity / all on your own / cornered like a god / your back is against the wall / dropping to the ground / weight of the world bearing down

4. Means To An End

One step forward / no more steps back / focus clear / picking up the slack / tossing out what I knew / it is good as dead / in business with no one / ragin thoughts in my head / you can say what you want to say/hear what you want to hear / take a real good look in the mirror selfish betrayer / disguised fake / out of my path / too much at stake / immersed in darkness trembling with out ease / good intentions falls short / when you have no means

5. Unjust

You're one to judge / who are you to decide? / quick to point the blame / can not justify / won't get away cause I know what is true / misdirected anger should fall on you / but that is not the case / you're inner circle is a revolving door / hold on to your friends then kick them straight to the floor / no rhyme / no reason / are you trying to hide? / are you terrified looking yourself in the eye No rhyme / no reason You're one to judge / who are you to decide? / quick to point the blame / can not justify / won't get away cause I know what is true / misdirected anger should fall on you / waiting for your demise / loss on display / what goes around comes around / it is judgement day / feel the tides turning / a breakdown in sight / this is the end of the line / to late to make this right No rhyme / No reason Held to a standard / can't be lived up to / you're faults are endless / I know what is true this is the end of the line / I know what is true Slowly coming undone / exposed and on the run / you're changing for the worse and returning for more / watched and stood by while you tried to hide / the threshold is gonna burst and you're gonna realize / reality has been creeping up from behind / like a snake ready to strike giving little warning just one quick bite / can't stop the burn even with all your might

6. Sueños Muertos


7. Inborn

Look into the past / I see what is to come / a life of safety in a world of seclusion / taken every turn with nothing to fine / retracing my steps but there is no peace of mind / masked depression / total decline / a sickness inborn spreading with time / hourst to turn to days days to years / still in torment / still a climate of fear Chorus: Running out of options / closing in on failure / I see the damage / tell me why grabbed anyone I could / to suffer with me stopping me dead in my tracks / it is over and done Knocked to my senses with a violent strike / everything rearranged / complete disorder sifting through the chaos / searching every corner / lost the balance / lost the control Repeat Chorus

8. Broken

Poured everything into what was never meant to be over and over / running towards the same end / forcing frustration / known all along / cutting all ties / the burden ending / throwing down the weight Chorus: Broken / defeated / been here before just to come back again / my own downfall blacking out the light at the end / broken / defeated / building the power to rise again my own downfall / won't keep me from the light at the end Running in circles / a constant maze / learning the hard way / no escape it seems / four walls no windows / gasping for air / alone in panic / forcing my way out / visions of the past always close behind / feeling the pressure / done with regret / cutting all ties / burden ending / once again throwing down the weight Repeat Chorus I try to face the day with everything in my way / falling broken knees / now it is saved or be saved / I look in your eyes and I know you're not to blame / but the guilt of your hands exposes all my pain

9. Victims

Take a step back / look through different eyes / people in pain / no shelter from the storm dealt a bad hand / nothing more nothing less / all the struggle makes a life in distress Chorus: Can't shut out the faces / I hear the cries / victimes of circumstance fighting to survive / but all you want is more / nothing satisfies / don't forget those just scraping by Take a step back / look through different eyes / the plight of others never on your mind dealt a band hand nothing more nothing less / all the pain makes a life in distress Repeat Chorus One thing to acknowledge / another to ignore / families living in the streets frozen to the core beaten and tired / desperate and weak / building touch the sky where the vultures meet making rotten agendas / planning their moves / power hungry vermin holding back the truth coming at you strong / coming at you fast / paving the way for their cycle to last Repeat Chorus Never given a shot / only knowing desperation / looking for an escape / a way out of hell insanity sets in / we question why / how did we end up this way? / how can we justify? those with nothing and those on top / pushing for power / some survive some drop you it is luck of the draw / aroll of the dice / the hand of misfortune can't be denied

10. Immortalized

Lived with a fire no one can deny / took no moment for granted / made use of the time left an impression / amoark on this world to pass through generations / a mindset of hope in a fallen humanity few survived unscathed / you led the way for me / your body is lifeless but the soul remains / I only wish for one more day Are you looking down and are you proud? / sing your way I forge straight ahead / spent the final days living not dying in fear / strong and determined / braced for what was near the end marks the beginning / the beginning marks the end / next chapter won't be the same our future unwritten coming and going like the rain Holding on to the memories but there should have been more / took the moments for granted now I'm saying goodbye / two feet on the ground yelling up to the sky